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A Lesson In Greek

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Tbe teacher reads ro the pupils a chapter of Greek history, but is obliged to chidethe bad boys froiu time to time. "Before tbe battle of Thermopylse began the Persiiin kins Bent a ruessenger to the Lacediemonians to the effect that- (Jones, put up your top in school!) - to the effect that they should surrouder their - (umbrellas, Tommy Jones, should be stood up in the corner. Remember that next time!) -should surrender their weapons. The proud auswer oí the Grecian general was - (Brown, sit a little to on? side, so I can see what mischief Billy Robinson is up to - yes) - the answer of the Greeks was, 'Come and take them.' "Wheii the Greeks were told that the number of the eciemy was so gi-eat that ■heir arrows darkened tbe sun, Leónidas re)lied coutemptuously - (really, Sammy Peterby, 1 shull have to you if you don't stop lookiug around and grinuing ike a demented babosij !) - Leónidas rejlied coutenjptuously, 'All the better. foi hen we will ñghc in the shade.' Four days afterward the Persians made the attack. A iraltqrous Greek of tht uame of - (Alf f hompson, you stay after school, and I'll see if I xan cure you of whispering!)- ot the name of Ephialtea showed the Persiana a secret pass in the ruountains, and presently there arose among the Spartans the deliKhtf u 1 crv of - ( who threw that spit ball?)"


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