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Ice is niiie inches thick. The sleighing is badly whipped. The school of music shows a gain in the number of students this semester. There is very little stir in local politics and the city election is only five weeks off. The Harugari ivlaennerchor give a concert in A. O. U. W. hall on Thursday evening. The Ann Arbor Light Infantry give an inspection hop at the armory tomorrow night. The Ann Arbor Rifles cleared cleared about $170 by their annual masked ball and carnival. Rev. Mr. Cobern will preach next Sunday evening on "The Dance Weighed in Silver Balances." The laying of the main sewer pipe is finished. Who said that the jnain sewer wouldn't be finished this winter? Albert Hoelscher, the noted flute player will assist the Ann Arbor Banjo and Cuitar club in -their concert, March 29. Ex-Alderman Ernest Rehberg has a twelve pound boy whose birthday anniversary is on the same day as that of George Washington. Heinzmann & Laubengayer have got back their good well of water which was drained by the sewer, by sinking the well ten feet lower. Don't fail to see the Hawaiian Views offered by the Argus for one coupon and ten cents. Those who hav.e secured them speak very highly of them. St. Patrick's day will be celebrated in this city with a banquet at the rink, when Col. John Atkinson will respond to the toast, "The Day We Celébrate. V The Baby's crmrch at the M. E. services Sunday mornings still continúes to be a feature of the services. Miss Boynton will have charge of the babies next Smidav. The Ladies' society, of Bethlehem church, meets at the residence of Miss August DeFries, corner of William street and Fourth avenue South, Thursday afternoon. A Washington dispatch of Saturday says "Capt. Kempf, of Chelsea, member of Gov. Rich's staff, and William liurtless and A. F. Freeraan are guests of Congressman Corman." A. Lí Noble left this morning for New York to purchase a fine lot of spring goods. His son Harold accompanied him as far as Buffalo where he will stay until his father returns home. Last Friday night was the coldest of the season. The thermometer at the Observatory registered seven degrees below zero. Various other thermometers registered from four to fifteen degrees below. Rev. Mr. Wetmore filled the pulpit of the Presbyterian church last Sunday, during the absence of the pastor, Rev. Mr. Gelston who preached in the Fort Street Presbyterian church, of Detroit. Tonight at eight o'clock in Harris hall, Dr. Holland will lecture on "Midsummer Nights' Dream," and on Thursday evening at 8 in Harris hall, he will deliver her seventh and last lecture on "Immortality." The Washtenaw Pomological society has annually set apart its March meeting for the discussion of the Improvement of Raads. This year ex-Senator Thomas M. Palmer, of Detroit, and Capt. E. P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, will address the society on this subject at the meeting on March 10. The meeting has been postponed to that date to permit them to be present. I : Rev. Dr. Gillespie, of New Vork City, will speak in vthe Presbyterian ichurcb next Sunday evening in the interest of the Board of Missions lof the Presbyterian church, of I which board he is a member. . Remember that the Argus is a dollar a year only when paid in 1 advance. It costs you $1.25 a year . if it is not paid in advance. The j label on the paper shows you the date to which your subscription is paid. During the discourse at the Presbyterian church, last Sunday evening, a bat flew through the audience room. After trying his wings arul gazing at the people assembled, like the ground hog, he sought his hole jagain. E. C. Burdick, of the Burdick & Wood Co., has invented an inex! pensive fire alarm system, which is íattracting considerable attention. i If it works as it promises to, the fire alarm system lor Ann Arbor is I solved. The Ladies' Aid society, of the M. E. church, will hold their monthly social in the church par■ lors next Thursday evening. Tea will be served at 6:30 o'clock, and ' strangers will be cordially welcorned. Rev. f. W.JBashford, D. D., pres. ! ident of the Ohio Wesleyan Univerisity will lecture here during March jin the Wesleyan Guild lecture course. He will be followed in April by President Henry Wade Rogers, of the Northwestern University. There are only live persons contïned in the county There were six yesterday morning, but Pierce, who was confined on the charge of taking wheat from the Sober estáte, paid up and was released. At the meeting of the Michigan Gas association, held in Grand Rspids last week, Henry W. Douglas, of this city, read a paper on the effect of electric currents on gas and water pipes. Sedgwick Dean was elected a vice-president of the association. How many of our readers will send us in new trial subscriptions to the Argus this week, three months for 25 cents, in other words 26 papers for 25 cents? Several hundreds of our readers have neighbors who will take advantage of this offer if it is brought to their attention. The Lyra society are diligently practicing Pinafore, which will be given at the opera house two evenings in April. The chorus is very promising, while the soloists are said to be first-class. In fact this operetta bids fair to greatly eclipse anything ever attempted here by local talent. "Midsummer Nights' Dream" is the topic of Rev. Dr. Holland at Harris hall this evening. On Thursday evening he will conclude his lectures, the subject for the evening being Immortality. These lectures are proving very interesting and crowded houses should greet him on both evenings. Rev. Mr. Cobern had an overflowing audience last Sunday evening when he preached on the subject of the "Theater Weighed in Sil ver Balances." He exhibited considerable research in the history of theatres and said that the great act ors themselves deprecated theatre going. The Rev. Dr. Holland delivered two masterly lectures (the 4th and 5th in the Slocum course for 1S9394) in St. Andrew's church on Sunday. At the morning service his theme was "The Art of Living." He showed that the true art of life Sito "seize the present" and make it manifest the life of the indwelling Christ. In the evening he spoke on "The Divine Man," showing how God-manhood is at the core of all morality. Mr. Lyons, the secretary of the Students' Volunteer Movement in Missions, addressed a crowded union meeting of the Young People's Christian societies in the Presbyterian church, last Sunday evening, and pro'ved an interesting speaker. He used figures and said that there were 13,000,000 Christians in the United States and if each one of them would pay one cent a day for missions, they could support 40,000 missionaries. Now that the time for harvesting ice is here, it should be remembered by those doing the cutting that there is a provisión of law relating to the matter. By reference to Howell's Statutes, sec. 9, 119, it will be seen that it isa misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not more than three months or both, in the discretion of the court, for any person engaged in procuring ice in any of the streams or lakes of this state to fail to erect or place suita■ ble danger signáis at or near the place where the ice is being cut.


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