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1 here are all sorts of free advertising dodges. The village of Plymouth has contrived to be sued for $20,000 about her water works. "Too much taffy is apt to produce an overflow of the gall," remarks the Ann Arbor Courier. How sweetly the Courier excuses its malady. # # # The Press having advised dousing Ypsilanti mineral water on celery to drive off the "nigger bug" the Commercial in fiendish gutterals exclaims: "Ah, that's what Belleville is after, ain't it, with her rival smell - trying to beat us out of that little bit of business?" Muscular contention at Chelsea is a thing so rare that the Herald mentions as an "incident" and "a lively scrap," a little gymnastic exercise, wherein all that happened was the demolition of a nose, by the party of the first party, and the concaving of a stomach by the second party. Another phantom opera house has arisen at Ypsilanti, and the hypnoti.ed visión of the enthusiast, already sees the ghost of Hamlet spooking among the scenery and disappearing beneath the stage. "Ui - oíd mole! Dost thou dig so f ast? " Speed the day, however, , when Ypsilanti will again have a real "flesh and blood" opera house. ! Twó "rtying roll" females struck ! the town Tuesday, and held services upou the street in the One ! is said tobe the "wife" of Prince Michael, who is doing work for the ! state, at Jackson prison. - Dundee j Reporter. These were they, undoubtedly, j whose anguished prayers went up answerless at Ann Arbor, for the editors of the Argus. M Say! lt wasn't true, what the: Adrián Press said about Mr. ! mer editing both the Democrat and ' the Register? - Ypsilanti ! cial. No, probably not a word of trttth i in it. The Commercial erred in supposing the Press ever made such ; a "twofaced Janus" of him. Ie; was some other wicked paper that ! said it. A stone knife, eight inches long, was last week taken from an Ann ! Arbor sevver excavation, and is of ! great interest to students of 1 pology. By this rude implement of surgery, used by the early professors of the university, we are enabled to measure the scientific progress of the age. Some who have examitied it, think the knife was used merely for skinning game: but even this view is not at war with modern clinical practice. lt is a serious, and even dahgerous thing to neglect the social amenities in Ann Arbor, Solomon Zebbs, a colored gentleman, solicited of f. F. Stilson the loan of a chevv of tobáceo. Stilson, however, seems to have "a bad taste in his mouth" that day, and the accommodation was withheld, whereupon Zebbs whacked him over the head with his fist, and also tried to cut out his "chop" with a knife. An 18 year old Watërloo girl told her parents she would go to the postoffice; but instead, she went off with a "fast male," and the couple walked sixteen miles to Stockbridge, registered as husband and wife, and remained over night. The parents got hold of the girl the next day and took her home by force. She professed that the flight was for the purpose of marriage, but the fine I scheme ended in a Waterloo. Opposite Tolbert's lumber yard the water in the spring of the year would back up and cover the low ground. John Nowland recollects the time when a boy, he with others caught many large pickerel at this place. The street has been filled up over seven feet for a long distance. - Washtenaw Daily Times. Those fish were undoubtedly the ancestors of the degeneratc specimens that a few months ago were subsisting on the kerosene oil in the waterworks reservoir.