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That Crushing Weight

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They kiiew not that glittering. baleful eyes watched tbem fröni thu ou'er daikuess. "Come, Franoois, let ns eat " "Very well, Angele." The lights shed a soft glow over the i Tbey were happy. "Have a dumpling, Praiicois. I made them myself." In his heart love battled with discretion. "Thauk yon, Angele. I don't care if I do." Love had ti-iumpbed. # "Adieu, Francois. Return soon." "I will, Angele. Adieu." He gazed for a moment into her duk brown eyes. "Do yon love me, Angele?" "More tban all else, Francois." With a quick, mad kiss he was gone. ## "Can it be," he nrurmured, "that site knows what I suffer for her?" Anguish was written upon his brow. "Weight, crushiug weigbt." He pressed bis band eonvulsively against his breast. "Oh, Angele, if yon only knew. Perbaps - but, no, I eannot. Vjut believe her. Shí loves mesurely." # A shadow pursned him. He recked not of danger. Suddenly a dark figure stood in his p.itU. "Aha, Francois!" "Pietre, my rival!" There was a gleam of stesl, a curse, a groan. "I bate you, Francois. Diel" A body upon the stoues, still as in deatb. Glittering, baleful eyes glared attheupturned face. "Revenge is sweet." A shadow fiitted away. ;♦# In the hospital ward a man lay in pain. Doctors stood about in groups and wlii-;pered. "Will he die?" They liook tbeir beads. "Ab, no. le will live. The dagger waí directeil straight for the heart, bnt i f. struek the stomach and was deflectcd. It was Tery strange." The light shed a soft glow over the tabla They were happy. "Francois!" "Angele!" "Tell me again what was the chann ! hal saved your Ufe." Radiaut, she awaited his answer. "It was tbe charm, Ansele, of thy love." Sbe uestléd in bis arms. He thoui;bt of the doubts wbich assailed him 011 tbat awfnl night and shuddered.-


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