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A Sensitive Point

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The Wicïow Grangely had an important ase in court. She knew tbat if she should win her condition thereafcer woulti be one of financia! ease, and she had aocordingly j employed the most effeotive lawyer in the county. When the case came to trial, the i shrewd lawyer saw that his road to success j lay through the emotious of the jurymen. "Gentlemen," said he, "look at this poor woman. Is she not enough to excite tbe pity of any beholder? Decrepitnde bas not spared her, and ase Ia fast spreading its blight upon her once fair face. She" "You stop rlght where you are!' exclaimed the widow. "I need the moaey that might oomeoutof this oase, bnt l'll hhanged if you shall stand up there and c&ll ■ meold." The lawyer hasteued to her side andsaió, "AMiy, madam, 1 must talk tbat way or lose the case. " "I don't care if you do have to talk that ] wav, you shan't. l"d rather lose the whole tbing than becalled oíd. I ara just as good looking as I ever was, and I want you to understand that tact. Decropit, indeed: l'll bet 1 could gather you up and i.livow you over a 10 rail fence right uow. 1 f you want to talk about the law there is in the case, go aheaü, but if you cal) me old again


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