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Pandee sports a poker room. Dun'dee its organized a Silver Llague. Dextéï w'ül luue a banjo hiuI guitar club. Seuih Lvon holds a village electiou March V2.' Tlie ice houses at Whitniore Lake jd beiug ülled. The Kastem Star, of Tecumseb, lias a member&hip ot' 100. ( The Plyínouth nremeu niade $8-3 out ' of a uiinistrel entertainmeut. Mis. John Kooney, foriaerly of Scio, j tlied in Detroit, last week. ' A hundred converslons are the re-i sult of the revival meetings at Britton. 1 Sonieotíe has been mutilating the I tombstones in the Plymonth cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lenfestey, of ter. will remove to Los Angeles, t'ornia. j Mrs. Harriet Beuton died in Salem February 27, leaving i husband and an ouly oii. George W. Thelps, of Dexter, lias purchased a handsome pair of seal ; brown lrorses. At the last meeting of the Dexter council, bilis ainountiDg to $255.07 were aliowed. Dexter will present a picture of the ( town clock to Mrs. Dexter, who . sented the clock. Capt. E. P. Allen has already been engaged to deliver the decoration day address at Blissfield. Real estáte 011 Aun Arbor street, Plymouth, is booining. The name of tbe street accounts for it. A meeting was held at Worden, Saturday evening for the purpose of start-' ing a good templáis lodge. Mrs. Sutton, of Northfield, has received the $1,000 insurance held by her husband in the K. O. T. M. Mrs. Peter Kiell died at her home six miles southeastof GrassLake, February 18, aged sixty-two yeafs. Jaoob Rudell, of Freedoai, will rent liis farm the coming season and vrork at liis trade. líe is & painter. The South Lyou Excelsior is tb.itteen years of age, and as lively as any healthy youngster in his teens. Sebastian Gehringer, of Freedom, has returned home from a visit of a luonth vvith friends in Ionia county. Williaui McCoy, of Ypsilanti, made tbe county $3 richer by getting into a light. He was üned that amount by Justice Beach, Friday. George and Will Scripter, of ünaililla, spent a full week üshing. They lost a ten pound axe in the water and eaught a four-pound lish. Membersof the Manchester g(in club bad a shoot on their grounds last Thursday. There is no daaiger as yet, however, except it be from randoin shots. Miss Ethel nines dieji of consumptiou ui ürass Lake, February 17, af ter i) illnesá of seven months. Her ré; . ,;iis will be i iken to Mauchescer for burial. The Tecumseh Masonic temple is a gi. Arraiigemeiits are now about complete fpr building in tbe spriug. Ail the money exeept $150 bas been raised. The dancéis of Manchester talk of gefcting themselves into condition during lent for the enjoyment of a masquerade ball as soon as the lenten season is over. John Kensler, of Manchester, can helio with the rest of manhood novv, aud womankind also, if his wife is willitig, having connected his store with the state telephone line. A car called Florida recently passed along the Jackson brancli of the Lake Shore road, stopping at the varioüs stations. It was fitted up with an exhibit of the fruits of that state. The Old Folks' concert in the Salem Congregational church drew an audience of 400. Not all of theni were old folks. Neither were the 40!) quite as "uppish" as New York's "400." Grass Lake wants a tire bell. Nothing less than an ear-splitting bell will satisfy the inordinate craving of Editor Garitón for something to break the rnonotony of life in Grass Lake. Holden DuBois and Arthur Biggs found fanlt with an item that an ünadilla correspondent wrote. Thej thrashcd the correspondent and were given thiity davs in jail to repent. Rev. Mr. North, of Unadilla had a donation the other day. He realized $24 in cash and about the satae amount in produce at the highest market value. The people realized dead loads of i'un. 4 correspondent of the Plymouth Mail claims that there is a filie new building in that villagewhere boys are ncouraged to fight, as high as five cents being put up for a pnze to the victor. The real estáte belonging to the late Adam Kress, of Freedom, wil) be sold by the udministrator, Paul Kress, on Tuesday, March 6th. Sale wiil be held at the premises and will begin at 10 o'eloek. On Wednesday, March 14, the stock, farming tools. etc. of Jacob Layer, who lives on the first farm east of the Bethel church, Freedom, will be sold at auction. A. C. Aylesworth, auctioneer. The siock of dry goods belonging to Geo. H. Kempf, of Chelsea, bas been sold to Holmes & Dancer, of Stockbridge, who will move it to that place. Thjs leaves Chelsea with but two dry goods stores. According to II. W. Stevens, of Tecumseh, 76 tramps have been housed in the village bastile this month. This rather looks as though Tecumsuh editors and printers were experiencing A bard winter. According to the Manchester Enterprise, Postmaster Case of that city sold more stamps during the month of Jaifuary, 1894, than during the same month last year. His box rents have also increased Must be our neighbor s taking on a boom. The Busy Fairies of Grass Lake held a meeting at Mis. Henry Hobart's recently, and are said to have performed i heap oí' hard manual labor. We never supposed the woikof fairies was iiard.- Ann Arbor Argus You sliould see them wade in at lunch time- Grass Lake News. Alverstm Dnn y, pioneer, (lied iu Ypsilanti last Friday, aged seventy-four years. He wu.s borri i Wayne county, K.y.., and removed tu this cmnity íorty-fí ve years itrit. .Vfter years f farm ingj he settlrd iti Ypsilanti thirteen ■ years agó. a wife aud six children survivè hitn. Lloyd li. Lewis, oí' Plymoutli, lias invenied a tire escape by whieh froui , two lo six persons eau reaeh the groiind 1 ; frotn a sixth story in two A ; luake aliows theni to come dowu as 1 slowly as ttiey please. The fellows , who are leí 't ouglit tu have sume way ' of hurrying the first load up, Th Adrián college veil is as follows: j "Hic, liaic, r-rah r-ru, lúe, haic, u-rah, u-ree, auh. rali, ruli, rali, Adrián. i Michigan, rali, ruh, rali.'' It is a ques) tion iiow whether that student who i was translated at Adrián last fall was I killed in the gaine of football or by i beingstruck witb that college yell. Twelvè pouud babies are the cruze at ïecuaiseh. Mrs. Ifub Stout hegan ; it by presenting her huuband with a 12 pound boy, whereupon Mrs. llugh Ager, jiotto be outdoite by her neigh bor's, tickeled her husband by presenting hitn a girl baby which just exactly counterbalancd flugh's boy. They are a mighty line pair. Last Wednesday's Adrián Times -stated that Perly JÏills, one of Tecumi seh's sterling citizens, was in the city I celebrating his Tlst birthday. Friend , lïills must have painted things pretty I red to have aged like that. We did not suppose that even Adrian's "Oh be joyful" would cause a man to'grow old in that fashion. Henry Franklin, an old soldier, has been missing since Friday, February öth, a-nd nothing has been heard trom him since. He lefc Chelsea about 10 o'clock that evening for his home in tjylvan, and that was the last that was aeen of him. Many are of the opiniop tliat his retnains are beneatli the snow that has fallen since that time.- Chelsea Standard. lt mav be of interest to those of onr citizens who are anxious for the future of our village to learn that Ilowell, by givmg a Donas oí s?.oüu, secures a ractory for the manufacture of waterj proof rubber goods. ïhat's the way jtheydoit. "Xothing venture, nothing have." See? - Dexter News. Howell simply retained a manufacturer wlio threatened to go elsewhere. He has lived in Howell for years. A Grass Lake pig was short-lived. It liad six legs, and was so ashamed of the extra pair of hind legs which grew out of its right side that it gave up the ghost soon after birth. If "that pig had only siitnmoned up a little courage and gotten over its youthful timidity it could have got six feet in the trough and made the republican nfficeholder turn green with envy. The pig vvas the property of Lemuèl Dwelle. A forty acres of land owned by Gershara Lyons has been retmned for l.axes and sold under the nevv law. As Mr. Lyon3 holds a taK receipt for tha taxes for which it has been sold, he is not borrowing a great deal of troable. - Stockbridge Sun. Mr. Lj'ons had etter get over that feelingof security. He should liave produced that tax rëceipt before the sale, when he had "his day in court.1' According to the recent supreme court decisión if lie doesn't redeem that tax title at once he loses tiis property. That "day in court" knocks out that tax receipt. Cashier Newkirk's latest additions to his museum are a "Hard Times Token" of Jackson's time, a pair of jack rabbits' ears six inches long, froni Charles Thompson, of Lima, Montana, and an old Smith & Wesson revolver which has killed its man, from turnkey Pat McCabe, of Ann Arbor. The latter wás given him while visiting the county jail for the first time, Saturday, concerning which visit Mr. Newkirk says: "The people of AVashtenaw are to be congratulated upon theconditioti of their county prison. It is kept as neat as a pin; the cells are in first cl ass condition, and Turnkej' McCabe takes iiistnridein showinírhisfriendsaround his weíi-keptdpmicile."


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