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Failed! "Al!, yes, poor fellowl" you aay, "Nothing f rom Ufe he secmed toeain. His was truly a losing flght. And all too soon the cruel night Closed around-beat him down. Ha wu slain!" "Yes, failed," you say. Failed! But I teil you- teil you nay! 'Tvh3 a uoblo flght he fought and well- YFith courage held high aud brow clear, No skulking idly in the rear. And if vanquiahed 'twere flghting- fighting he fell. No failurc, I say. And look you. Whatcall you success? The poor plaudits of somo few men? A palace reared from the cold - A red heap of thls earth dug gold? A cathedral crypt? And then- Well, what then? Why, only a guess. And I say again: Couut you the cost Of this bridge? To what is it nailed? What aro its hulwarks pllod high- these Yoxi croes to your City of Ease? Man' I teil you 'tis built on the failed- The lighters who lost. And he- scorn or pity as you will- 'Tiras in fording that stream he fcll. For freedom, for man, fortho rijjht! Was his cry in the heat of tho fight. And for thse and for you, rang his knell, Then "failed," ?ay you still? Dry shod reach your promised land now On hls failnre- on those the world rajled- They, the stuff of wliom héroes are, Who saw its Ilght gleam from va'.leys afar And fought for it- dil for it- failed. Xo failuro, I voiv.


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