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The Camel

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Oamels are not like horses. If 3 horse does not want to do anylhing, we make hirn. If a camel does not want to do anjthing, he leaves it undone. No amountof coaxing, no amountof cruelty, will make him budge. He haa tho deterinination of a mulé combined with the strength of an elephant. A camel isoneof those aggravating brutes which will drive a hot tempered man to distraction. Nothing will persuade him to listen to reason. He will oppose your will with a passive resistance that is absolutely unconquerable. The only way to trpat a camel is to humor if j'ou cannot humbug him. They will often lie down if yon load thein with the proverbial last straw, and you nijght beat them to death or offer up all the pleasxu-es of paradise before they would get up. They are pigheaded beasta. Sometimes when they have quite a light load they turn nastaand throw themselvea to the ground. But although they are obstinate they are not ente, and an Arab, by pretending to stibmit, can generally get the better of the stubborn beasts. The drivers will osteutatiously remove three or four packages froin the load, and the animal, with an inward chuckle of satisfaction, rises at once without perceiviug that the pareéis have meanwhile been returned totheir fornier place. As he flatters bimself he has shirked somo of bis duty he swings away with a light heart, gratified beyond measnre, like a spoiled child, at having bis own way. The camel is an unsociable beast. He is also habitually dull, escept when he is sniffingthe salt air of the desert. When he is tz-eading the sands, w-ith the burning snn on his back and the boundless waste before him, ho feels himse-lf at home. The immense heat makes him bubble over with pleasure and filis his frame with a sublime intoxication. It has been stated on the best authority that he can go nine days without water. And 01 you had ever seen a camel drink when he does get a chance of quenching his thirst you would not be surprised at this. They have beec kuown to pnt away 7 }■ gallons at a time.


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