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A Chinese Lottery Den

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Entering a Chinese lottery den, oñe sees on the walls a large representaties of a lottery ticket beautifull y engrossed, and also large slips of paper, each slip containing one of the 80 lottery characters. When the drawing is to tako place, these slips are taken down, rolled into pellets so as to conceal the svritïng. and then thrown into a pan. They sr ? there vrell mixed up and again tale i out and placed in fonr woodeu bov - marked 1, 8, o, 4, 20 of these chai; ters being distrjbuted equally amcug the four bowls. One of these fonr bowls coctaina the winning characters of the drawing. Which is it to be? Again fonr pieses of paper, each printed with a nuinber, 1, 2, u or 4, corresponding with tbo nuiabersinarked on the bowl, are rolled up, thrown into a box and shaken. A disinterested person, sometimos a little child, is called in to draw ont one of these nnmbers. For this service be receives 5 cents for good luck. ïhe paper bearing tho given mirnber is straightened ont, the number read and the bowl selected which corresponds with the number. This, of coursc, contains the winning 20 characters, and all the other 60 characters in the three other bowls are destroyed. The bowl chosea is taken up, and one by one the characters are unfolded. An assistant is stationed near the large lottery ticket hanging up, and as each character in the bowl is read oft the corresponding character on the wall is marked. As scon as the 20 Incky cbaracters are called out they are pasted on a piece of paper and hung up where eveiy one can sea


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