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THOMAS MOCHÍN. I Before ïreatment. AfterTreatmeut. Nervous Debility and Catarrh Curecl. Thomas Minchin eays: "I was reduced to I a nervous wreek- on]y weighed 11H poimds. VI The result of early abuse was tho cause. 1 I had the following symptoms : Miserable I mentally and physically. melancholy, nervHj ousness, weakness, specks before the eyes, al dizzy, poor memory, palpitation of the E heart, flushing, cold hands and feet, weak Hl back, dreams apd losses at night, tired in St the morning, pimples on the face, loss of Mg ambition, burning sensation, kidneys weak D etc. Doctors could not cure me; but Drs. ■ Kennedy & Kergan by their Iew Method sjj Treatment, cured me in a few weeks. I Sgl weigh now 170 pounds. It is three years n Rhu:e I havp takon their treatment." m "" ■■-■" WIM .11- ■Mlimiilrw..lxM,MMK,,n, rt MAJOR W. A. SIMFIELD. líofore Treatment. AfterTreatment. n Blood Disease and Dyspcpsia Cured. Major Shnfield says: "I had Dyspepeia I and Catarrh of the Stomach for raany I yoars. To make mattere worse I 1 ed a Constitutional Blood Disease. My I bonesached. Blotches on the skin looked B horrible. I tried sixteen doctors in all. I A friend recommended Drs. Kennedy & I Kergan. I I ment and ín a few weeks was a new man wltti renewed life and ambition. I cannot say too much for those scientific octors who have been in Detroit for fonrtcen years. I conver6od with hundrede of patients in their offices who were being cured for different diseaaes. I recommend them as honeet and reliable Pliysiciana." Drs. &EMNEDY & KERGAN The Calebratod 8peclaHsts of Detroit, Mich. Q TRFfiT fiW'fi ííilARÜifsSTPP Tfl P5ÏSÊ Catarrh; Asthma; Bronchitis; Con IflLHl hNU lUttnWiï I Lt U buril Bumption (lst and 2nd stages); ■ Rheumatism: Neuralgia; Kervous, Rlood ar.d Skin disea6es;"Stomach and Heart disjs oases; Tapeworm; Pilpp; Ruptijre: impotencia Ueafness; JJisea-es of tho Ear S Nos and Tliroal; Epilepsy; Bïseaees of ;':■ Kidneya and Bladder; JDrrorsof Youth; 3 PaiJing Manbood; Diseases of tlio Sexnal Organs; Fcmalo Woaknoss; J)isoases of Men I and Women, and Clircnic Djseafos n general. Thry euro wheu others fail ! a trONLY CURABLE CASES. 4 UË TA KCK FOB TREATMEXT Tbeir VVW VlIiTIIftn ff'líFrr1lí;T iiDOWU ♦l"' world owr, s cn'rir ili iobpi r ovory """ IHBinUli illLilliliLiXl nat:uvll!, i; „:,.■.,., . n ..u,;il pn.fcssion. They are not a 'family doctors' - th"y raako oc:alij I' . .■ aad diilicult diseaeas. -a !$ niQFÍQFQ ÍÍF '"' ■ ' " '"' tee turare all V.'cakness of Men ariaiag 8 kSkJLAaLiJ Ui 1 ï?_l l. iv pi ;)E rbnso, lat;r exceeses or diseaee. ïonng H man, yr.uncxl help. Dj . ti 4 i . Hl cL;ro jon. ia mos buve úeen treated Ijj mh h Quaoki-coubuit Scientiño Upi li i pay. Consult them. I RISIFÍÍFQ AF WTi Mi N ■ ■ ' ''" iil-1'-'?, Thqy can enre yo. M a UIÖLhLl) 5Js ÏÏUI iLn. i .majo Wraknes8. Barrenness, S Oiöplaccments. nfguicui y, . , riocis cmed in a sliort time. 1 1 l'enowed vitality {;ivo-'. Klnstro dl ' ■ . !np] "':,:.■■. fl QPFflAS BlF'F fr!T.r.orrf?ca, Varicoce(e, C!eet, Unnaf.ural I 1 Hls, and all Blood diseases gaarariüai curc'loino ;ai. U ytsra ia Detrfit - 150,000 { n cures- Mátíonol repntation. Bcnts f:ve - ('onsnltation freo - Sainco confidential. If I ■ unoljle to cali, wriie lor ;■ ii:-i ; 1' i ■ - i :. and advice ir ". 1 DRS. KENNEDY & KEUGAN, 148 Shelby Sc., DETROIT, MICH. [


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