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Dexter Township

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T. Birkett is removms; the engiue frum iiis mili in the village. Tlie funeral oí Mrs William Wylies took place last Friday. Slie was the daughter ol' Mr. aml Mrs. Geo, Reade, af this place. Will Potter is spending afew days at his old home here. M aster Lyman spent Sunday with his Pickney friends. Samuel Wheeler and wife, of South Putuam were entertained by their Dexter ïelatives, Monday. Messrs. G. and VV. Bent., were in Pickney on business last Monday. Mr. Hall, of Hamburg, was on ouï streets the first of this week. Mr. Leavey, of the Short Huls, staook hands with his rnany friends, Monday. Mr. O. Vaughan, wife and children, veie the guests of friends in Webster, Monday. Mrs. John Ilill and daughter Eva were entertained by Pinckney iïiends, Friday. The sale of personal property On the Soulier farm Tuesday vvus largelyat- tended. George Spiegelberg and son .John, were ii Saliueon business last Friday. i Mr. Sharpey was among friends at Four Mlle, the last of the week. I Mr. and Mrs. Felix Courtney and daughter, of Podunk, spent Sunday j with relativos. Mrs. Williain Cobb, sr., has gonë to, JacksoB to retnain several weeks. Buit Youngs, of Sylvan Center, visited liis sister last Tuesday. Mrs. Oowler has sold her farm to a Germán froiii Clinton. G. Lutzer and wife entertained relatives the past week. John Foran spent the last of the week with Detroit relatives. Georjte Connors and wife 1 :aiued friends Wednesday and 1 3ay. Mr. Reed was the guest of his many Pinekney friends last Wadnesday. John Flood entertained friends the laat of the week. 15. Tlopkins and iriend speiit Sunday tvith Lyndon friends. Pat Lavey entertained his brother :he lirst of the week. Mr. Langley and friends, of losco, spent Wednesday ín this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory had the pleas.ire of entertaining friends Sunday. Mrs. John McCabe entertained :-elatives froni Hamburg last Sunday. Mrs. Shepard Taylor, of this place. is dangerously ill atStoekbridge. Will Thurston and lady friends spent Buuday in Ann Arbor. Brnest Yoorhis was the guest of his jousin, Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Mclntyre spent the past week in ;his vicinity. Henry Stoup, of Ypsilanti, visited tiis daughter the lirst of the week. Mrs. Max Robbihs entertained her father for a few days of this week. Thos. Eagan and wife entertained friends on Sunday. Mis. W. Hooker and daughter, of Hamburg, spent Sunday in this place. Mugh McCabe was a Northfield visitor last Sunday. Edwit) Ferris entertained his daughbsr and family Sunday. Mark Bell and wife were the guests of Pinckney friends, Sunday. The dance at Silver Lake last Fridav night was well attended. . Mrs. John Bell entertained friends over Sunday. John McDonald, of Hamburg, spent Sunday here. Mr. and" Mrs. H. W. New.kirk and laughter spent Sunday at Birkett. John Lavey spent Sunday with his brother near Iludson. Some of our young people attended he dance at Pinckney last Friday light. M. Penney made a llying trip to Pinckney Friday. Mr. Glover and wife, of Anderson, vere in this place Saturday. Mr. lleason, of Pinckney, ealled on exter friends Saturday. A mimber from here attended the ecture in Pinckney, Saturday evenT. Birkett is turning his pulp and feed milis into a fivrniture factory. Miss Tressa Pidd was home from ïer school Saturday and Sunday. Mr. J. Pidd and wife spent thé last of the week in Ypsilanti. Mr. Conley spent two days of last veek with friends near Ann Arbor.


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