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Large Sailing Ships

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The largest saihng ship alioat is tbe Prench ├╝ve master Lu FrancO, launched in 1890 011 the Clyde and owned by Messrs. Ant Dom Bordes et Fils, who possess a large fleet of sailing vessels. In 1891 she came trom iqniqne to Dunkirk in 103 duys with 6.000 tons of nitrate, yet she was stopped on the Tyne when proceeding to sea with 5,500 tous of coal and coinpelled to take ont 500 tons on the gronnd that she was overladen. There is not a single fivemasted sailing ship under the British rlag. The United States has two iive niasters - the Louis of 830 tons and the Governor Ames of 1,778 tons - both fore and att schooners, a rig peculiar to tbe American coast. Shins having flve rnasts can be counted on tbe fingers of one hand; bnt, strango to say, the steamship Coptic of the Shaw, Sa vil 1 & Albion company, on her way to New Zealand in December, 1890, passed the Governor Ames in 14 degrees sonth 34 degrees west, bound for California, and two days later in 6 degrees south 31 degrees west the Frenen five master La France, bound south. Passengers aud crew of tbe Coptic might travel over rnany a wearj' league of sea and never again see two snch excellent object lessons in the growth of sailing ships in quick succession. The largest three masted sailing ship is the


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