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"Oh, so glad you could come, my deau!" "Oh, I wouldn't nave missed it for aDyiliing in the worldl í always have such lovely times at your receptions." "How kind of you to say so!" "Oh, I do, for- óh, here's Miss de CbatI ter! How do yon do. Miss de Charter!-" "Oh, so glad to see you!" The rest of the conversation is wholly fragmentar}'. It carne in bits and disconnected sentences to the ears of the writer out of the necessary "aabble gabble" consequent upon suth proiitableand pleasurable affaire: "Now, Mr. de Gassuway, you really are I too kind aud fiattering, but" "The same and the same bonnet j she's had on every time I've seea her at a ! reception this winter." "Cawn't I briiiK you a cup of tea? Yes? One lump or two of sugar?" "Nósugar, please." "Xo, weally?" '"J'he tal] lady n black, with the white bonnet?" "Xo, no; tiic om: in bine, with the gray bonnet." "Oh, I doii't knoto who she is. I wonder . lf "- "Ha, ha, ba! i oü are so very, very fan; ny! If you don't" "Tlif-y ny she's awfttlly rich and" "For heuven's sake look at that womun, w ii li a face likea lobster, in a lavender bon net!" "Oh! Enough to set one's teeth on edge. Only delicate" "Hen pardon." ; "Aw, oertainly, eertaioly." i "Thanks." "The tall Wond gentleman?" "Yes." I "I tbink bis name is Smythfi. I'll ask for" "I'ui tired and bored to death." "This is my tljird que today." "I'ye averaged tour i wtek this blessed winter." "Sojne of tbern are awfnlly tiresome, and" "Do you really suppose tb ose diamonda are gênuine?" "I doubi it. fjr I've heni-d- oh. Tin so ; glad to eee you! Just come?" "Just this minute. Awful rabble here, isn't théte?" "Dreadful! Why will a hostess ask L00 persons to come at one time toa house that cannot be mude to hola more tban 130? lf I" "Tbat was avrfïdly clevah, awfully clevah!" "Ha, ha, ha!" "They say privately that her busband doesn't ina-ud coming home gain at all, and that" "Oh, that slender woman iu the tailor made go wn? Her uame's Wardress. She has an in valid husband at home, and I thiuk she'd better be there with him, for" "The last time I was in Yurrup we speut, four charming weeks in Paris- beautiful, beiuuiful Paris- and" "They say they're engaged, but her father Bwears he'll disinherit her if she marriea him, and so" "Oh, must yor, go?" "'es, indeed." "Oh, so sorry!" "Had a lovely time." "So glad. You'll come again?" "Yes, indeed." "Do." "Goodby." "Goodby, deah. Remember me to yovir mamma." "Yes; goodbv." "Goodby,


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