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E. F. Mills is buying goods in New Vork city. Dr. A. K. Male is back from Adams, N. V. Miss Mina E. Jacobs is visking in Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Victoria Morris was ia Detroit on Tuesday. E. J. Palmer, of Chelsea, was in the city, Tuesday. Frank E. Jones of Saline, was n the city, Wednesday. Cyrus Saxon, of Ypsilanti, spent Sunday in Ann Arbor. Mrs. Susan Brown has returned from Rochester, N. Y. R. C. Barnev, of this city, is in Kalaniazoo on business. R. S. Armstrong, ol' Chelsea, was in the city, Tuesdaj . Prof. E. N. Bilbie went to Detroit Monday on business. F. E. W'ood, of Chelsea, was in the city, Tuesday evening. Miss Mattie Nelson of 41 Detroit street, is visitingfriends in Hastings. A. L. Noble and son left for üuffalo and New York City, Tuesday. M. Arisfield, of New York, was registered at the Gerniania, Tuesday. Prof.W. F. Zirnmermrn, of Owosso, Mich., was in the city, Saturday. Titus F. Hutzel, was in Grand Rapids on business, Moniiay and Tuesday. Walter S. Hicks, of Ann Arbor, has left for Buffaío, New York and Washington. E. J. Couch, of Cincinnati, was in the city on business with . E. Beal, Wednesday. Eli Moore, of the Ann Arbor Agricultural works, was in Detroit Thursday on business. Arthur E. Shan, of Oliver street, left Monday for Detroit to skirmish. He's a commercial tourist. Ed. O. Conve, of Middle Bass Lake Erie, visited his father, Perry Conve, the first of the week. Mrs. O wen Miller, of Charlotte, Mich., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Moore, on South División street. Titus F. Hutzel has been attending a meeting of the State Plumbers association in Grand Rapids this week. Mrs. Albert Clark and Mrs. Arthur West, of Lansing, are visiting Mrs. L. S. Pryer at 37 East (Jniversity ave. Geo. W. lïullis, of this city, president of the Union Shade Pull Co. , went to Detroit on business, Monday. Proprietor Kellogg, of the Franklin House, was in Dearborn on business, Monday; and Detroit, Tuesday. J. F. Vogel, of Freedom township, Uncle Sam's Mail dispenser at Fredonia, paid the Argus a friendly cali yesterday. Chas. Woodward, chief clerk of the Normandie Hotel, Detroit, visited his wife's parents, on North Fourth avenue. F. R. Marvin, of Dearborn, spen Sunday with landlord Kellogg's family. Marvin is editor of the Dearborn Advance. Lew H. Clement, left today for Grand Rapids, Chicago and points west in the interests of the Ann Arbor Organ company. Chas. E. Hall,, of Grand Rapids, was in the city Wednesday, He represents a portion of the cracker interests of that city. Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Cutler, of Detroit, formerly of the Somerville Springs, St. Clair, were in the city, the guests of Mrs. Taylor on South Fifth avenue. Landlord Wm. L. Frank, of the Germania, George Frohn, William G winner, Wm. G. Dieterle, went to Zukey Lake Tuesday afternoorr on a fishing expedition. Miss Est b er Solis, of Clair, Mich., who has been taking a course in the University School of Music, has finished the course and returned home Monday morning. Máster Clyde Elliott, the boy solo singer, formerly of St. Andrews Episcopal church.of this city, now of Owosso, spent Saturday and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Elliott. ít may be in place here to mention that Clyde is going to Europe in August to finish his course. Mr. and Mrs. AValter Lathrop, of this city attended the birthday celebration of Mr. Norman Clark, of Chelsea, yesterday. Mr. Clark was 85 years oíd March ist and is hale and hearty. As Mrs. Lathrop's birthday occurs on the same day of the month as Mr. Clark 's, it has been the custom for 20 years to cxchange visits 011 that day - one year the Lathrops spend the day at the home of Mr. Clark and thc net, Mr. Clark spends the day at the home of the Lathrops. The occasion is always a pleasant one to the participants.


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