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HL KlTREDGi:, No. wvst ann Strest. umijKubuNttiuji lu ll ni' Kdwtirü Duffy's irrO'jery sture. Haok loili trains, ilay anrt nicht. Orrtevs lor tramp., iwrttes, weddlnirs awi Funerala prtiiupilv nrt-iif1 ti. Telephrme. Ann siinh. Notice to Creditors. ,, TA.TK OF MICHIGAN, ('OtTNTY OP W;tbten;tw,fs Noticeia hcrebvgiven,! un orrtn kI the Pmbute Court for the Cnuntv of WjiHbtpnvw, romli' -mi tlieïiütl: iliiy of l'ebiuary A í. ISW1. si tiuitiths irom tluit il.-itf wi-rc alïowed for cr'.'-ii toes u prsen! fheir claiiua agaiusl thf rfitAtc '.i Miiry A. Ou (nar, late ol s.iiJ eounty, iï#'i i : l .md that all crediiora of said deceu''d art ic4inired 10 jirfeseui thfir claims toi-uiO Prohntt lVurt,fttthe I' róbate Otiiwin the üilvoi Ann Arbur, lor examinatitin and alon "i before the 7ih day of Aaust neict. ;tini such cluims will be heaid btïorp hi1 i'mirt on the ?fïth day of May auil on tlie 27ih ilnj of itmil aext, at ten o'clook m foreuiwMiof ';u-!i oj suid rfays. Dnted, A tin Arhor, (ehru-Ty 2th. A. D. lSü-t. ). '.V! U.Aül) BABlilTT, Judfe of Probate. Commissioners' Notice. OTATE OK MICHIGAN, COLLXTY ol Wtishioiiflw, The tmdersigned havlug been ippoiuted ly Probate Court for said Mnnny,s)oiH'is to rereive, éxazolne - adjut all cj nmjj nud demands of all persons ftgulitst ihe ot .John W. Ilunt, late of said ei, lurehy give notice tbal rroïu d;rt' nrtï Fttlowed, by order : Omi ., crcdïtorato presenf their I bh cal .('in aitl ''ereased, aud that tbey win roeei al i Eïihu E Pon]. : city of Ann 'Vvoor ihsiudcounty, on the Sist d.-ïy ti May ancl in ihe 20th ' day of ■■ i nex: , at ten u'cÏm k :. m. ot (.-ich of snid dayb to , r:i !.;n. nnd .ijust s:iid claims. .ii,iiy lOUi, 1894. EMHÍ' H. POND, LEONHAHD GRÏJNER, Commissioners. iMm 1 STORAGE C. E. GODFREY. Re?i Jence and Office, 48 Fourth Ave. , North TclepUone Sx.


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