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A Slight Misconception

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A tall young fellow .1 heavy pair f shoee and a suit of clotbea of which the trouser legs imd the sleeves were too short for him, together with a gawky girl who bad rt brown sao.k, a red dress and a ligbt yellow bat, stood looking iuto the window of au uy town candy store. It was chocolate day evidently, tor there was nothiUK lo bc seen n the wiudow out the dark brown coufeotions. The two stood and ga.ed for fully 10 minutes. Then the girl hunched tlie man in the ribs with her clbow and said, "Say, Jim, them look migbty good." "That they do, Mart hy,' answered Jim. There was no movement on Jim"s part to gointo the store and buy sorue of ihecandv. On the contrary, he stood asif rooted to the spot and coutinöedgazing through the wiudow. Martha waited a few minutes longer. and then her longinjí for candy overéame herscruples. She Imuched Jim in the ribs again and .said. "YVell, hain't ye goin t' buy j somt?" Jim blushed a litt.le at this direct invita tioD and hesitated no longer. Hetook -Miirtha by the arm, and togetber tlu-y went in to the gaudy store. "What kind ye want, Marthyl1" askid Jim. "Some of them there purty ones in the winder," replied .Marl ha. Jim turued to tlie trim young woman who had come to wait on him. "GimnieS cents' 'orth of that there," he s;iid, pol ut ing to the toost expensive eoufection iu the store. "IIow much?" askcd the young woman. "The huil of r cents' 'orth," repeated Jim, with a lordly air, wbile Martha suugRled close to him and wbiapered '"Doift be reckless, Jim." The youug woman bebind the counter looked peipitxi-d. She hesilateil a moment, and then she fjot a knife and cut 0:1e of the bonbons iu halves. She look on'e (jf the, wrappcd it. up and hauded it to thfi dumfounded Jim. "How much ia that Uiere tuff?'" he giisped. "A dollar and a quarterapound." replied the trim yoring woman. Jim would have fainted if he had kimwn how. As for Martha, she cauglit her escort by the arm and said: "Come on, Jim. 1 bet we kin find a place where we kin git a huil ba; ful] for T cents." And togeiher they sallied out, leaviny their diminutive 5 cents' worth behind


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