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Mr. Dobbs' Twins

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It was au iuiel'ONtiug time ;t the home ot Dobbs, and ftnally; wheu the doctor carne i out into the hall, Dobbs was in a state of excitement equal to an election night. "Well, doctor." he said inquiringly and grabbing the physidau's coat front witb both hands: "Twins," responded the doctor briefly. "How - how - many?" Lieasked inadazed manner. "The usual number," replied the doctor, j smilinp;. "Oh, ycs- ah - excuse me, doctor. Boys or gir's?" "Boys." "Boys?" "Yes." "Tben 1 unĂ­ a ruined man." "Ruined?" was the surprised auswer. AVhat's the matter with you?" "Why, doctor, for the last 20 years it's been all 1 could do to meet the demands of my boys for my old clotbes, and now, at ui y time of Ufe, to have to comnience to wear twr pui r of pants at once in order to keep n wit h the processiot! is more than I can nudeitake, and 1 see ruin with a big R s,tariuj me square In the ff.oe aud can't inake a move to defend mrself." The d'Ctor gave him adose of chloral to quiet his


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