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2 Purest Medicine í J EVER MADE. í Don't be without a bottle. Ton j& t wül iiot regret it. Try it to-day. S .,] What makes you tremble so ? 1 Yorü ííerves are all nnstrung, and V ti] MEED a gentle, soothing TONÍC S í' fu aasist nature to repair the dajnage -:- n niiirh your excesses have caused. t v Sulphui' .Bitters ij i ÍS NOT A i I CHEAP I 4 RUM ORÍ I WHiSKY f p 4 p JrtIWKj I jí I ',Tl'nT-rei.T:i-j-Tg?1! fek 11 to bc taken by the glass like other L j preparations wliich stimulate onlyto ? C1 RESTROY. If JOU have FAiLtlD fe " to receive any benefit froni other medicines or doctors, do not despair. gs Use Sulphur Bitters immediately. E, In all cases of stubborn, deep seated m diseases, Sulphur Bitters is the best & medicine to use. Don't wait until p to-morrow, try a bottle to-day. f Send 3 2-cent stamps to A. P. Ordira;. Bos. ton, Mass. , f or best medical work publis&nu MICHIGAN ffeNTRAL " The Niágara Falls Route." Tl METADLE iKevisedi FEBiïl'AKY 11, IS'. 4. CENTRAL STANDARD TIMH. f Ts : Si ■ ■■;?■;■■? :gs$L ■' a i : a , s s iiTs s a Q tt-t.-Í-0OCO5:'Tt ji8 ÏJ X' 3ï ir. ig-l 38 : : : S9 ft I : a H 1 h i a : : : =fi á :a : e. ■ JJ Si -i Oalï „ ■ - O -O - !C J F : : sa S" i s = j ■ ; f 5 -?S ; i ;s i :s?, SS iS i : :S x a :' ! ; "= 5 a I H $ ■: : ; : : Ë k c : : : : &L 3 S3 ■ : : : ■ A n SS I ■ ;SS ;S sg : :a : : :& MW ; ; 3 OS r- ty; " i 'V2 ! I ',n p, SS ! ' f :s kl 89 : : : : a s. I LO ' ígo wO 1 ot '00 ' ' '"S : , , ;o-h w Ko nïi ; ' 00 jj. I o , ..ouo j I r.a . ; ;s= as :7ílFs a a-ij li pyi ! j t MlJIjiMi " .SíXsSíJsb 9 jíí!S=xí O.W. RUQGLES, H. W HATEB, G. P. & T. Agent, Chioago. Afr't Ann A or. _ TOLEDO p f(fñ Ann arboIV I) -) NORTH MICHIGAN q _yy ) RAILWAY. L-J - '-J ' - (áÜ A'íieualilte - ;:- __V jKycityI 'k MU3ICEQON St „wSk 7g-A 11 WrèfiCfJ ; ■,'!M howelIYv í 'A f BatUeCr rS'öïw ■CC.laiiiazOO -AÑN ARB0R7r ' J j milanJB H_ l,.j t't xr.ymS, -ylQOLE.niflag TIME TABLE IN EFFECT NOVEMBER 5, 1893. Tralns Leave Ann Arbor. NORTH. SOUTH. 7:15 a. m. 7;]5 a. m. v 12:15 p. ni, U:30a. ni. 4:15 p. m. I 9:00 p. m. Trains run between Ann Arboratid Toledo only. W. H. BENNETT, R. S. GHEENWOOD, G.P. A., Toledo ühio. Agent. -THE EBERBACH- mm km =- u CHEMICAL CO. WOULD LIKE TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO TIIEIR C. P. mu min This Baking Powder is made in our laboratory and is free from both alum and ammonia. It will not lose strength by standing any lenglh of time if kept in a dry place, We guarantee it equal to the best in. the market, or money refunded. PR1CE, 28c per lb. 1 Trial Pacicages Free. WE ALSO PREPARE A SWEET CLOVER BUTTER COLOR Tliat will not liecome rancid by age, or give any taste to the butter. It is a perfectly harmless vegetabl color. PRICE, 10, 15 and 25c per bottle. E BE Sb B.G H DRUG AND CHEMICAL CO.


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