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A RETÍRED BUSINESS WOMAN, A Page From Her History. The important experiences oí others are interest i ni. The following is no exeeption: "1 had boon troubled witli heart disease 25 years, mueh of that time very seriously. For five years I wastreated by one physician eonfclnuously. I was in business, but obliged to retire on account of my health. A phystclan told my friends that I eould not live a month. My feet and limbs were badly swollin. and I was indeed in aserious condition when a gentleman direeted my attention to lr. Miles' New Heart Cure, and said that lils sister, who had boon aiftided with heart disease, had been cnred by the remedy, and w-as asaln a strong, lioaltliy woman. Ipurchased a bottle of tliu Cure, and in les-, than an hour after taking the firet dose I could feel a decided improvement in the circula i ion of my blood. When I had taken three doses I ould move my ankles, something I had not done for montns,and my limbs had been sttoIlen so lonz that tliey seemed almost putiifled. Before I had taken one bottle of the New Heart Cure the swelling had all jxone down, and I wás so murli better that I did my own work On my recommendation si others are tabingtbis valuadlo remedy." - Hxa. Morgan, 569 W. Harrisoa St., Chicago, 111. Br. Miles' New Heart Cure, a discovery oían eminent specialist in heart disease. is.sold by all drugglsts on a positive guaraateeor sent by thii Dr. Miles Medical Co.,Elkhart, Ind.,on n -i pf of price, W per bottle. six bottles for 85, express prepaid. It is positively iree frum .ail opiates or dangerous drugs. Sold by Drugglsts Everywhere. 1 ' II'1 i ! 1 I CQ = 3 5 'S JL O tó SÉ I I U tí 5 II i . I & w u 1 1 :. 3 I! i .. fi 2 s i 1 ó p II fe I i i rn si ft !: i S 'j I ! I i EEPOET OP THE 00NDITI0N OF THE HES' I MM Wt - AT- AXT AKUOK, MICHIGAN. At the close of business, July 12, 1893. KESOURCES. Loans and discounts $2fiT,C2ö29 Stocks. Bonds and Mortgages, etc 87,713 OT Overdrafts 8,S3975 Ine frora bank ín reserve citlcs J 7,362 S4 X)ue fromother banks and bunkers 2,069 50 Puefrom Washtenaw Co 1,315 14 Furniture and ñxtures 2,000 00 Current expenses and laxes paid 25 60 Interest paid :S7H8 Checks and casb items J.540 27 Nickels and pennies 21948 ■Soldooin 10,35000 Silver coin 1.9H3 20 U.S. and National Bank Notes 13,568 00 Total $411,099 52 LIABILITIKS. Capital stock paid in $ 50,000 00 Surptuüfund 20,000 CO ündivided proBta _ 5,7f(08 IiYidends unpaid.. 1S5 50 IndiTidual deposits 99,979 0i Gertiflcates of deposit 152,94859 Savings deposits 2,20033 Total $411,099 52 STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of 'Washtenaw, iss' I, Frederick H. Belser, Cashier of the above cameil bank, do solemnly swear that the above etatement is true to the best of my knowledge nd belief. F. H. BiLSER, Cashier, Correct- Attest . Ambrose Kearney, ") W.F.Ureakev, JDirectors. Subscribed and sworn to before niethis 19th day of July, 1893. H. A. Williams, Notary Public. WANTED. HIGKORY THEE. I will pay $l2.oo per cord, cash, for strictly iïrst quality, econd growth Hickory Butts, suitable for Axe-Handles, delivered at my shop . C. W. DICK1NS0N, Ypsilanti. no. 4 w. washington st. ' House, Sign, Onambnal ahd Fresco Paimter, rilding, calcimining, and paper hacg ing-. Allworkis done in the best style and warranted to give satisfaction.


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