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Murder And Robbery

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Scofield. March 1.- Morder and robbery were enacted here Tuesday inght about 12 oxlock. in which Henry Geirumn, treasurer of Exeter township, Monroe county, was shot-, twice by barglars, once in the left hand and once in the leg, and nis wife shot and instantly killed. The house was entered by two men through a back window. They entered the bedroom by way of the sittingroom. Mr. G-eirinan wasaroused by a flight noise, and saw a man standing at his bedside with a revolver pointed at 4ns head. Geirman instantly seized the revolver with his left hand, when the weapon exploded. inflictiug a slight wound. He sprang out of bed, when he was shot the second tiuie. the shot taking effect in his leg. Hp threw one of the men agp.inst the window with such toree that one sash was completely broken out. He was theu struck ou the head with a revolver by the other man, knocking him senseless. When he came to his senses he ran for assistance to the nearest house, and upon his return found his wife dead in bed, shot through the head, the ball entering just back of the left ear. The burglars secmed $708, which was secreted in the bed, $375 secreted in other places was not found. The raother leaves two small children. one 4 years and the other 15 montha. At the time of the tragedy the children, who were the only other occupants of the house, were sleeping with their father and mother, and were not awakened. They were found sleeping quietly by the side of their dead mother by Mr. Geirman upon his return to the house af ter giving the alarm. Sheriff Kirchgessner has been workine incessantly ever since the murder, but has not found a single clew or snspicion. He offers $501) for the arrest and conviction of the murderers.


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