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A Female Mason

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Chicago. Feb. "Yes. I am a Masón," síuiI Mrs. Mary E. Lease, in her room at the Palmer House. "It is surprising how that assertion of mine bas been' sent all over the country." andMrs. Lease laughed witb all the glee of a school girl. " W h y, do yo u know that I have received tele(graiás f rom severa! New York papers ofifering me sums f rom 50 and up to teil the story of how I becarae a Masón. Wlien 1 was 16 vears of age I was living in Lockport. N. Y., a friend of mine, who was a prominent Mason; pnt it in my way to withess a Masóme initiatíon, and I Baw tlie tiiree degrees admimstered to a candidato. " 'Were yoii ádmitted to the lodgeroom?" "No, I was behiud a door tliat had a sliding wiclretin it and I saw the whole procedure through that wieket. So you see that is the way 1 becams a Mason. For to be in possession of tl. e secrets of the craft is to be Mason." "Miïfht it not have bev.i a mock initiation?" '"No, it was not a mock affair. I have testad my knowiedge of the secrets of the craft and they have been confirmed. I tried to find out from my husband, who is a Mason, bnt he has never friven me any satisraction. Ionce told him how I carne into possession of the secrets of the order, and bis only answer wr s to term the gentleman that placed me at the wieket a fooi, emphasized with a strong adjective.


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