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The Clio has changed lts time of meeting (rom Friday evening at 7:30 to the afternoon of the same day at 3:3Mr. L. A. Farnham, '94, and A. A. Taylor, '95, who were appointed by the S. C. A. as delegates to the convention at Detroit, left Wednesday for that city. On account of the small atfendance at the Lyceum last Friday evening, the program was postponed for one week, and will consequently be given tonight. The S. C. A. meeting today should be attended by every member of the school. It will be a praise service and the leader, Mr. Roy Smitu, is making an effort to have the meeting one of the best that has been held this year. The committee,who were appointed to look into-the matter of a class pin for the seniors, have received several samples from the firms with whom they have corresponded, and the choice of one will probably be made next Tuesday. An athletic association was organized at the beginning of the school year last fall, but nothing has been done until lately to arouse enthusiasm among the members of the whole school. A meeting was held Wednesday in the chapel and stirring addresses were made by Profs. Jocelyn and Springer. There were a large number present, and another meeting called for Thursday afternoon at 3:30, when a manager of track athletics, and also a committee was elected. There is no reason why our school should not put up as good a baseball team as any school which has the attendance we have. All that is needed is enthusiasrn of the right sort. Enthusiasm that is real in the financial part as well as the organizing part. There are several who have the matter in charge that intend to make it a suc cess and the thing that they need is the support of every individua member of the school, with money as well a's talk. The principal sub ject at the meeting was track ath letics, and if the suggestions given by the speakers are followed we will have an Athletic association that is worthy of the school.


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