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Her Trust In Vaccination And Prayer

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Here is a little story, the incident being given to us during the smallpox period and when Winsted was buried in gloom. It happened when things were at the worst, and it occurred in the household of Mr. Benjamin Richards on John street. Mr. Richards has a little daughter, and she took it to heart quite forcibly because the churches were all closed, and so she dressed herself in sotne of her mother'√°clothes one Sunday morning, and perching upon the stairs j)roceeded to hold church services. The little tot was choir and soprano and preacher, all in one. After calling upon Mrs. Howe to sing a hyinn, she personated the well known vocalist and sang, and then she did a little preaching, and then made a prayer. The prayer was short and was as follows: "O Lord, make the smallpox go away. Don't let the smallpox get my papa, nor my mamma, nor me, nor any of us. O Lord, we've all been vacciua,ted, and it's working b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-1-l-y on all of us; amen." We are pleased to state that the prayer , was answered, and that the little tot and all of her family came through the ordeal in good


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