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Hadn't Missed His Car

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The wind was bol wing a gale, and the rain was pattering against tte window panes at the home of a prominent Caniden physician. The clock had jast toilet! the hour past midnight, when the physician was aroused by the ringing of his doorbell. He jumped out oL bed, put on his dressing gown, went to the window, raised the sasb. and saw a man mufíied to the ears standing on his front step. He asked: '■What do you want at this late hour?" "I'm Mr. CaiT," was the auswer. "Well, do go home. I am not responsible if you did miss a car. Why did you stay out so late?" The window went down with a bang, and the doctor weut back to bed. The bell rang again; the doctor put hifc head out of the window and saw the same man on the step. "Doctor, doctor! I'm Mr. Carr." ''Well, if you did miss' your car, whai have I got to do with it?" "Carr, doctor, Carr. Don't you anderstand?" "What do you takeme for, a conductor?" "Xo, no, doctor. Mrs. Carr, my wife, your patiënt, is very ill and requires youi services." "Oh, that's you, Carr, is it? Wait a min


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