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Mr. Shultz is inoving on his new farm. rMrs. Geo. Webb is out after her late severe sickness. Mrs. John Webb, of Unadilla, visited bersíck here, Wednesday last. Mrs. K. 8. Whalain and Miss Mattie Glenn are sick at this writing f rom bad colds. Mr. B Isharu was in the neighborhood a day lately, looking well and happy. Sales and long winded notes are the order of the day among the prosperous farmers. Daniel Sullivan, of Ohio, is visiting his brother and other old friends hereabouts now. The old plovv has started for a big Spring sowing and planting, frost being found in places. Farmers should remember that there is more time lost in waiting for rain than while it is raining. It is about time for the lyceum's maple sugar festival. Don't let it die, even if the lyceum does. Mr. Rathbone and companion, of Ann Arbor, are here at the Grove house, hunting, for a time. The firm of Hudson & Marshall attacked It. C. Glenn's wood pile with a buzz saw, Thursday morning. James Cook called, the middle of the week, on his aunt, and left a sack of Florida oranges,fresh, sweet and juicy. Nearly all the community turnedout to B. H. Glenn's sale, and property went about in correspondence with the hard times. George Cook, of this place, is quite sick and is under the care of Dr. Sigler, of Finckney; at this writing is a little better. II. Holmes, merchant, of Chelsea, was at Ñorth Lake on Friday last, shaking hands with old customers and getting a breath of country air. If the land ovvners twenty-five years ago had set out maple groves, they could be makirg all theirownsweetenin at home. Many a rough side hill could not be turned to a better use, even now. ' How niany will join in erecting a small vault in the eeruetery here? Those burying in otlier grounds could Ve aceomodated as wel! as those burying their dead here. A few dollars trom each would be suflicient for all needs. A reunión of B. II. Glenn"s family was held at the residence of Eider I'ierce, in Dexter, one day last week. week. Afterwards the relatives met at Ií. M. Glenn's, in Putnam. All were present except G. M. Gleiin, who is in Dakota. Bert Mann is the best hand among colts In this part of the country. He eau sit on a pig and huid his legs vvhile putting a ring in his nose, the pigs nose of course, and recite the multiDlication table and miss eight times eight, the squeel all the time spinning out long and hard enough to cut into canes.