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Newly Elected Officers

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The annual election ot the btudents' Christian association occurred Wednesday evening and was conducted as if everything had been previously arranged. More than half of the nominees were elected by ballot of the secretary in default of any opposing candidate. The general harmony that prevailed was due to a lack of any strife for the presidency and the fact that all the officers, except the president, vice-presidents 1 and treasurer, were recommended by a nominating committee. The election resulted as follows: President, N. A. Gilchrist, lit '96; general vice-presidents, L. H. Beals, ,lit '95, Mary P. Blount, lit '95; lirerary vice-presidents, W. M. Mertz, '96, Lenore Conover, '95; medical vice-president, E. A. Nevin, '96; law vice-presidents, W. W. Mills, 95, T. E. Leiand; dental vice-presdent, H. B. Henman, '95; homoeopathic vice-presidentjennie Grifin, '96; pharmaceutical vice-president, (election deferred); treasurer, L. A. Pratt, lit '96; assistant treasurer, Nellie Kennan, lit '96; missionary treasurer, C. E. White, medie '96; assistant, Eula Waters, special; recording secretary, Wilson Klingier; membership secretary, H. B. Merrick, lit '97; corresponding secretary, W. A. Heartt, lit '95; librarían, Cassie Montague, lit '95; chorsiter, P. W. Dykema, lit '96; organist, (election deferred); Bulletin editors, F. P. Sadler, Anna Richards, lit '95, Frank Hamsher, lit '95, D. C. Thompson, J. H. Prentiss, lit '96, Euretta Hoyles. Professors Carhart and Demmon were re-elected on the board of dirrectors. The Bulletin staff will meet soon and organize. The above officers will assume their duties on the second Wednesday in May. J. H. Van Tassel is a candidate for general secretary which officer is elected by the other officers.


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