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Junior Hop Tonight

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No happier inauguration of social life at the University, after the lenten season could lend more inspiration to all, than will the Junior hop which will occur tonight. Splendid arrangements have been made for the social event of the mid-college year. One thousand invitations have been issued and it is expected that from 225 to 250 couples of merry dancers will attend. The decorations in the'big "gym" this year will be selected with unusual taste, the desire being to obtain a harmonious blending of coiors. O'Rourk, of Detroit, will charge of the work. The running track will be decorated with a back ground of dark red, with other coiors which blend well. An artificial canopy ceiling, confined to streamers of a few coiors will produce a beautiful effect overhead. The booths will be decorated unusually fine this year. There will be ten of them including one for each of the fraternities represented and one for the chaperones, which will be placed at the east end of the gymnasium. The ladies dressing room will be fitted with permanent fixtures in the director's room. The running track will be used for spectators and an admission price of $ 1.50 will be charged to spectators. The music will be furnished by Schermiser's society orchestra. of Detroit, consisting of twenty-four pieces. This will be devided into two orchestras, one for regular dances and the other for intermissions. Hangsterfer will be the caterer for the occasion. Refreshments will be served between the i2th and i3th dances. A novel feature will be introduced as follows: A small tahlp will he nlaced in each booth ind a separate set of waiters will be n attendance. This will avoid conusion and prevent things from geting on the waxed floor. The program of dances is a work of art and consists of kid covers with U. of M. monograms etnbossed hereon. The ladies programs are n yellow kid, with blue monogram, while the gentlemen's program are )lue with gold monograms. The programs are made out ia the :orm of checks which read as folows: I promise to pay Miss one dance, member . Signed, . This will be a very appropriate and neat souvenir of the occasion. The grand march will begin promptly at 9:30 p. m. Great praise is due to the arrangements committee for their good taste and judgement used in arranging for the hop which will be the social event of the mid-college year.


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