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E.I.BILBÍEJioliÉ! Pupil of Sa-ar at. A f tor three yoars' Btudy ai the "Stern ConS67'vatory," Berlín. Germany, under eminent teachers in Solo, Ensemble, hu3 Theory; 'also under prof essors of the "Berlín Hiph School" is now prepared to take pupils at liië rooms q the Ann Arbor Organ Company's Building, Cor. Main and Liberty Sis., t3BTTerni8 made known m applica'.iou. _L CLOS1NG OUT SALE il W!JTEB f1ÍULINLBY! Huts trimraed and untrimmed, riboons. tips, iaucy feathers and every thing in the millinery line at half price. This saloivill continue till February. Ladtea please attend this sale and get your Mats at. half price. Kospectfully yours, 3VCK,S. Ji.. OVT. OTTO, Cor. Washington and 4 tli No.18. TRUCK l ST9IÏA8E C. E. GODPREY. Residence and Office, 48 Fourlh Ave., North Telephone 82. wim:. hbEZ, V). 4 W. WASHINGTON ST. H0Ü8, SlGi QatMMïSAL &M PRISCO f'WTSR, rlldlUK, oatout)1n1nr,of[Rzini and napèr . k ing. Al! vork 1g iJon n tbe 1 es' -iy(e . 1] warrKtnei to gi-e asttsfautio't. E"1F? MME. A. RUPPERTf8 rlIËi. FACE BLEAÜH -w5 MME. A. RUPPERT y - j k says: "lapprociatetheiact +%J&'L-Vi$m. tfc there are ninny tboufiMH sandsofladiesinihtï United fcaKiHU)aBHjra' Statest ha tTfoultíliketotry íj1 tIhe m World-Renowned FACB _5 JSgv 4S5S1 Tri Bleach: but havo been Mft9} JÚ v bept frwn öoing so on uoB w yöO1 coun tof price, which isS20ö S per bott leur öbottles tafeen iSSBx JM tosrether, aó.OO. ïn onter ■SÏK1 raK tJiat al ' oi tï?eae .y hare MJÖggl IK an opportunity , I w'ill giVe "i to every culler absoluCely _ k! íree, a sample bottle, anh rorld.Iwlllsend itsafely puckedin plainwrapper iülciuirpesprepaid, for 2ñ cents, silverorstAmp." In every case of Yec&le, pimples, moth, gailowTieastblackhe;td3,acne,eo7erna,oi]iness.roTiKÍi- ness, or any disooloration or disease of tbe Rkic, and wrinkles (not eaused by facial exprefisrtm) FACB Bleach removes abpolptely. It does not cover up, as coemetics do, buti acure. Addrésa UA91ME A. KÏTFPEÏÏT.CDept.O.) No. 6 East f4th St„ NEW YORK CITY.


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