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Dexter Township

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Mrs. Thompson lias gone to her home n Saginaw. Frank Agin and chum visited Pinckley Thursday. Chas. Conrad was in Fodunk with "riendsFriday. Jolin Gregory and f riend visited Ann A.rbor, Monday. John Schauffle was the guest of his sister on Sunday. Sophie Pratt has opened a millinery store in the village. Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Fitzsimons, x son, Maren 17, 1894. Mrs. Armstrong, of Fodunk, visited lier sister on Sunday. Mrs. M. Rogers is slowly recovering alter a severe illness. James Hanna and mother will live in the Mallory íesidence. Addison Barber will spend the coming summer in Marión. T; Hirkett and II. W. Newkirk were in Ann Arbor Monday. Mis. Eágan has erected & newbarn on her village property. Mr. Sclmlths will build an addition to his house tliis spring. W. Sraith and f riend spent Sunday with Webster relaiives. Burt Moore, of Fettysville. was tlie Sundav ffuest of his eirl. Clarence Carpenter and family entertained friends Sunday. Thomas Rabbit was at Chubbs Corners on business last week. John Pirtd entertained his li iend several days the past week. Mrs. C. Pierce has been eutertaining hor sisters from Grass Lake. Mr. Hewitt, of Jackson, shook hands vvith Dexter friends Monday. Stephen Hadley and daughter are among North Lake relatives. Félix Dunlavey has rented part of his farm to a man from Ohio. Mrs. Tfc. Crossley and son, spent Sunday as the guest of her aunt. Mrs. Wm. Sweetman entertained lier daughter one day recently. Lyman Beaeh and son-in-law, of Marión spent Wednesday here. Miss MyrtaTaylor entertained some of her friends last Wednesday. Postmaster Fohey and.wifeof Pinckney, visited her mother, Sunday. Frank Potter, of Detroit, was among friends in this vicinity last week. Master Lyman was the guest of his consins in Pinckney the past week. Eider Iloward was in Ann Arbor on business two days of the past week. Will Valentine and wife, of Hamburg, spent Sunday with her parents. Miss Alice McCabe was the guest of her aunt in Webster the past week. Byron Hopkins and wife entertained her sister and friend Sunday Will Counter has return ed to this place after a two weeks' stay in Canada. II. S. Cope, of Churchill, was th ffiiest of Dexter friends the past few days. John Dancer, of Lima will oecupy Mrs. Gillespie's house on Fourth street. A Germán family from Saline will move on the Telford farm in the near future. Messrs. E. and P. Farnhan, of Pinekney, were here on business last Wednesday. James Lynian and f aniily entertained some of their Pinckney relatives last Sunday. School opened in district No. 3, Monday with Miss Mary Cope, of Ypsilanti, teacher. Geo. Smith left last Wednesday tor New York City where he sailed för England. Miss Kate McCabe enjoyed a visit from her cousin, of Ypsilanti the last of the week. Mr. Dinkel, of Putnam, was the guest of her brother and other trien ds last Thursday. Will Stnith and Miss Minnie Campbell were entertained by Pettysville friends Sunday, II. O. Wills, of Detroit, is holding a series of meetings at the Baptist church tuis week. Amos Lindermann and George Page were among their friends in Livingston County last week. Mrs. Shepard Taylor returned home Saturday af ter a flve month's stay with relatives in Ingham Co. George Marshall, after flve years in the milk business, has sold to A. N. Ilodgeman who is now carrying on the business. James Gaunt, an old and much respected resident of this county, died at lus home in Lyndon, last Wednesday aged 87 years. The free lecture given at the opera house, by Ilon. E. S. Greece, of Detroit, last Saturday afternoon, was quite interesting. Eev. S. F. Blomliekl, of Morenci gave a very mteresting lecture last Wednesday evening for the benetit of the Y. P. S. C E. Mrs. Lake of Lansing, a line elocutionist, will eive an entertainment at the Webster Congregational church, Fiiday evening Maren 30th. Arrangements are being made for a sparring contests between .Frank Keiler of Ypsilanti and Bob Sutton of Chelsea to take place in Dexter village about the lirst week in April. ïne democrals of this township nominated the iollowing ofticers at tlieir caucus Monday: Supervisor, Thos. McQuillan; treasurer, Clifton Green, town clerk, Michael McGuire, conimissioner of highways, James Tiplady; board of review, A. ïaylor and C Snüth, justice bi the peace, full term, John Pidd, to lili vacaney, Ilenry Wiisey; school inspector, John Kelly, constables, Q. Lutzer, Edwin Ferris, John Ledwedge and James Ivory.