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Tyndall's Imagination

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This ïnstrnetivc ïmagination- ror we are uot concerned with niere reminiscent imagination - bere resulting in the creatjons of the poet and there in the discoveries of the inan of ecience, is the highest of hnman faculties. VVith this faculty Professor Tyndall was largely endowed. In coniinon wi;b euccessfnl investigators in general, he displayed it in forming true coneeptions of physieal processes previously inisinterpreted or uninterpreted, and again in conceiving modes by which the actual relations of the phenomena conld be demoustrated, and again in devising fit appliances to this end. But to a much greater extent than usual lie displayed constructiva imagination in other field?. He was an excellent expositor, and good exposition irnphes much constrnctive imagination. A prerequisite is the forming of trae ideas of the mental states of thoae who are to be taugbt, and a further prereqnisiteistheimagining of methods by which, beginning with conceptions they possess, there may be built np in their minds the conceptions they do not possess. Of constructive imagination as displayed in this sphere men at larga appear to be aluiost devoid, as witness the absurd systems of teaching which in past times, and in large measure at present, have stupefied and still stnpefy children by presenting abstract ideas before they have any concrete ideas froiu which they can be drawn. Whether as lecturer or writer, Professor Tyndall carefnlly avoided this vicióos practice.- Herbert Spencer in McClure's Magazine. With the exception of the Iiulians two langu ages fnrnish the keys to missionary work in Houth America - Portnguese to Brazil and Spanish to all the other reijublit-s. As a kaper the kangaroo is anead of all. It readily iuuips i'rom 00 to 70 feet. A hprse has jumped 3" feet and a man 35 feet 6JÍ inches. The French law treats the frog as if it were a fish and declares all fishing for it by night to be poaching.


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