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The Solitary Fifer

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I guess cx-Senator Dick Oglesby of Illinois never forgot a reception tendered him at Lincoln, Uls..:' said R. L. Matheny of Spriugfield. "Lincoln waa comparatively a now town and growing v ry i apjdjy, the citizens believing that dpstiised at . an early time to be larger tban Bloomington, Peoría or Springfield. Therefore when Hon. Richard Oglesby, candidato íor governor, was billed to speak there elabórate preparations were made íor bis reception in order to earpaes all other towns. First a band wagon, tben the oíd soldiers on foot with tíags, then carriages containIng the city officials and the distinyuished guest, then citizens in carriages and on foot were to march in procession. Every vehicle in the place had been engaged except an expresa wagon that operated as the town dray. Even tho hack that usually conveyed passengers froin the depot to the hotels was put iuto requisitioo, and the expresa wagon took its place as a bns. Tbe only thing that was leit nndone was to obtain information of the fact that thö train changed time on that day and canie in two hours earlier than asna]. "It came in, and hvo passecgeig alighted - Hou. Richard Oglesby and a Methodist preacher. They were placed in the esprees wagon and started tor the hotel. The iu aster oí ceremonies for the day hearcl'of it in someway aDd Immediately notified th" leader oï tbo band. whü was a performer on tbe üie. That worthv lost ;il and not eeeing any o the otber iptikians r.-ui np the street nntil he espied t'no express wagon. Then making a profound bow to tbe governor ;uul preacher he waiked in front ot' thexa, and with a dignified step gnided theui, np the street to the tune of 'Behold, the Conqneriug Hero Comes.' The goveruor was too angiy to ever teil it, and tbe citizens of Lincoln kept it a profound secret, bnt the Methodist preacher enjoyed it and never tired of relating how he and the governor of Illinois were escorted to the


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