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Scalded And Starved

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Owosso, March 9.- Ira Burpee, the young boy of New Lothrop. who is alleged ro have been cruelly treated by his stepmother, tokl the story of his stlfferings to Prosecuting Attorney Watson and others. He says that whippings have been quite frequent and that he has been charged with crimes that he never comraitted. Recentlyhe was charged with some offense that he did not do, and knowiug that he would get a licking for it he ran away and hid under the strawstack, reniaining there all night. In the inorning he says that he went up to the house and asked for something to eat. and was given a few crackers. Then he was tald to sit down, whereupon he alleges that Mrs. Burpee poured hot water irito his boots, then she took a penknife and cut some holes in his boots and made hini sit in a chair with his feet in cold wnter for a whul" la}-, with nothine to eat but a few crackers. After that he was kept bidden and told to teil the story abont bein iniprisoniM in a strawstack, the sanie as already published. There is hardly nn'y doubt but that both feet wil! have to be ainpu tated.


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