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i Poor I Weak and I 1 I Weary Mothers i Raise Puny, Pindüng E Chi!dren. I JSulphur Bitters t Will make them fe 4 h Strong, hearty I And healthy. i m 9 a.,,.-, .„m.,,--., I Per.rt 3 2-cent stamns to A. P. í r , Boston, Mass., for best medica! wor!; Michigan (Tbntral " 27ie Niágara Falls Roate." T1METABLE (Bevised) FEBRUARV 11, ISJ. CENTRAL STANDARD TIMS. i ii i 'li j ■ '1 lC lO ' tCv i" ?"t O ' - ;ccr:f ioïiï! ; K rOTOO - - ( - C ■ ITTT '"I i m ! 99 : : : B9 "g-l :B i ai 5 p. : : : a 3 ;a o. ; s L rT : :gg Lj ga : TrTs 2 ■ '■ '. : : -si iH os a ■ ; : ; a j ?S ■ -S i ;g ! SS SS : : :SS ?! "3í:::3:;;i[ -i r ' ; rH T1 13"3! !elS0 : : : : E 04 ccí ; ; ;ííf? Mí-t 73 - co co ■ -coco a. es i .: : :SS sisa : TTi a oo ai;i ; - cfilds; ;:: a Wri Oth ;--t "-co ;o o'z1 . a a as 'TTaá a Í3 oí ft O.O. : - ■ I cí as O. i Wi II. lililí i 44siJl!H O.W. EUGGLE8, H. W HAYES, O. P. & T. Alfent. Chicago. Ag't Aun A ■ or. - A TOLEDO p. l ë Vi NORTH MICHIGAN) q iJy RAILWAY. t_r-J ('. í Hoyara f0 y& JAYC'TYl)j) :. BalüeCr' LiiibunSfiíLyoH ) I ■ ' - -i-g-gctoo iV UlandA MgaLU TIME TABI.E IN EFFECT NOVEMBER 5, 1893. Trains Leave Ann Albor. NORTH. SO1ITH. 7:15 a. ni. 7 : 15 a. m. 12:l5p. m. 11:80 a. m. 4:15 p. m. I 9:00 p. m Trains run between Ann Arborand Toledo only. W. H. BBNNETT, R. S. GREKNWOOD, G. P. A., Toledo Ohio. Apent. -THE EBERBACH nBUG AND u CHEMICAL CO. WOULD LTKE TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO THEIR C. P. B11EII& POWDER This Baking Powder is made in our laboratory and is free from both alum and ammonia. It will not lose strength by standing any length of time if kept in a dry place. We guarantee it equal to the best in the market, or money refunded. PRICE, 28c per lb. Trial Packages Free. WE ALSO PREPARE A SWEET CLOVER BUTf ER COLOR That will not become rancid by age, or give any taste to the butter. It is a perfectly harmless vegetable color. PRICE, 10, 15 and 25c per bottle. :e be jeZj bao h DRUG AND CHEMICAL OO.


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