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Is The Oleander Poisonous?

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Whether locality has anything to do vith it or not bas not yet been defiuitely settled. but certain it is tbat in certain portions of the country the oleaniler, so ïnuch admired i'or its esquisits blossoms, has Leen the cause of serious illness, and in sorne cases death has been attributed to a too intímale assoeiation with it. Several persons weie attacked with exceedingly painful throat Jiaorders, witU headache, gi3diness and violent heart agitation. ïhe dispensa;ories class it as a heart poison, and oce of its victims died in the most distressïng heart convulsíons. Animáis are affected by it as well as man. A valua3le horse died a few moment after browsing on the stalksand leaves. Several cowsdied from drinking water into which some cuttings of tue plant bad been thrown, and other animáis were Tery sick from inhaling the srnoke from burning twigs and leaves of this plant. They were shut in a small yard, and a breeze carricd the smoke directly towaid thern. In other localities theie seem to be no serious consequences attfnding the cultivation of this plant. Whether iromediate surroundings or climatic conditions have anything todo with the efïeets of this popular house plant would iurnish an iuteresting ject f or


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