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Mckinley Hard Times

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Following is the way in which Thomas G. Shearman brought home the fact to the workmen of Paterson, N. J., that our present hard times have occurred while McKinleyisrn is in f uil f orce: What laws are in f orce? Republlcan laws. Who, when the panic began, heldninetenths of the offices through which those laws were administered? Republicana. Who hold most of those offices today? Republicans. Who passed the tariff now in existence? Republicans. Who passed all the tariff laws which have been in exietence for the last 30 years? Republicans. Is there more or less protection to American industries in force today than there was in the first year of Harrison's administration, when we are told that everything was so prosperous? More by about one-third to one-half . The protection on woolen goods is abont 50 per cent higher; on cotton goods, 40 per cent higher; on iron and steel, 50 per cent higher; on silk, 8 per cent higher; on flaz, 16 per cent higher. What have the Republicans been telling us for the last 30 years was the cause of American prosperity? The Morrill tariff. Is there mre or less protection given by the tariff today than was given by the great and wonderful Morrill tariff? More by 100 per cent all around. More on woolen goods by 300 per cent, more on iron and steel by 80 per cent, more on eilk by 60 per cent, more on flax manufactures by 100 per cent.


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