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He Kicked

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A solemn looking man carne into an np town Turkisli bath yesterday afternoon and said he wanted to take a bath. He registered, gave up his vahiables andundressed. An attendaut took him in hand, and hedisappeared into the first hot room. Two hour later he stalked into the reception room ciad in a sheet. He asked the man at the desk for the proprietor. "I am the proprietor," said the man. "Well, how much is this thing goin to cost me?" "One dollar, if you don't want to give the rubber anything." "One dollai ?" "Yes, sir." The solemn looking man grew agitated. He danced around a bit. "Say !" he shouted, "you doĆ¼'t intend to charge me a dollar for that dod blamed swindle, do you?" "Certainly, and u's not a swindle either. That bath was worth a dollar of any man's money. " The solemn lookitig man danced arouitd ome more. "Not ouyour life," he said. "1 wasswindled." "I don't see how. You went into the hot room, didn't you, and took a sweat?" "Yes." "And went iuto the steamroom and &ot a shower and a steam bath?" "Yes." "And had a rub and scrub?" "Yes." "And another shower?" "Yes." "Aud took the plunge and had a dry V-ub?" "Yes." "And had a place showu you where you eould lie down?" "Yes." "Well, wbat in blazes more do you want?" "Now.see here," and the solemn looking man spoke very earnestly. "This hereis the first Turkish bath I ever took. All my Ufe I bin readin of Turkish baths and the luxury and delicious languor that followed them. I bin told that when a man gets through with them operations you've bin talkin about he can lay down and have the pleasantest sort of thoughts. I done all there was to do. I had rea3ons for wantin pleasant thoughts. Did I get 'em? Nix. I couldn't think of a blamed thing but anote I got to meet tomorrow without no money to meet it with. Pleasant thoughts- rats! I could have thought of that sittin on any old horseblock in town. The huil thing is a fraud, and I won't pay but 50 cents." And he didn't. -


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