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"Dinnis," said Mr. Herlihy to hia friend Mr. Muvphy, vrho was packing a barrel to Bend off by express, "as Oi obsarve that phwat ye're puttiu in tbat barr'l is av a breakable uatiir', lic me advoise yez to tak precautions ín markin ut." "An pbwat may tbim things be, I dunno?" said Mr. Murphy, with an expression of unusual vacuity ou his countenauce, wliich was dull at the best. "Precautions," repeated Mr. Herlihy pompously, "i jist to be afther placin 'This soide oop' ou the kiver so the ixpriss company'll have a care, man." "Oi'll do ut," responded Mr. Murphy, "but it's mesilf has shmall trust in thim ixpriss fellers." A few days later Mr. Herlihy accosted Mr. Murphy on the street. "An have yez heard from the barr'l?" he inquired. "Oi have that," replied Mr. Murphy sulIenly, "an iv'ry blissed thing in ut was broke to smash when the folks opened ut. Thim pesky ixpriss feilers managed ut well." "An did yez take them precautions I ricomminded?'' inquired Mr. Herlihy. "Yis," replied Mr. Murphy in a still more surly tone, "an fer fear thim shpalpeens wouldn't be aftber seein 'em on the kiver Oi put thim same wurrds on the bottom av the barr'l besoides, an it's meself thatdon't think over bih av yer percotions, Misther Herlihy, or whativer the name av 'em is. It's little good Oi've sot out av 'em." -


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