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Rubber Buckets

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The application of india rubber to buckets to render them noiseless has been successfully tried in Great Britain. The botton), the ears and the ■-bail" are all protected. The bottom of the pail has three round disks ot' rubber clamped on at the edges, and they can be readily removed and replaeed. The ears are of india rubber, while the "'bail" has a single disk encircling it, which answers the purpose. - Exchange. Cocoa and chocolate are prepared from the nuts by freeing them from tho pulp and making tbein nndergo a procesa similar to malting. They are afterward roasted in a peiforated cylinder and are then treed from their hnsks and raade into cocoa or chocolate. The Boston Jonrnal thinks it isa singular fact that in onr time' adventurrsses are generally reported as possessing "a wealth of golden hair, sparkhng eyes. a vjVacionS disposition and a strangely aitractivn and magnetic voice. " Imperator was originally a title of honor bestowed 011 a victorious general. After the duwnfall of the republic it Iscame the t.'tl of tbe supreme ruler and had the sense of our word emperor. The total numberof capital letters in the whole Bible is 106,990; of small caps, 6,89?, and of lower case, 3,452,593, grand totul of letters, includingone ae, o,56C,4Sl. Ham in erf est, capital of tbe province of Fiumark, Norway, is the nnrtherntnost town of Europe.


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