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E. D. Abbott was a Detroit visitor Sunday. P. H. Gabel visited Ann Arbor on Tuesday. Henry Gabel visited Detroit the latter part of last week. E. S. Howard and John Markham, visited Scotield, Saturday. Joe Meirs, of Ypsilanti, was the guest of Joe Base, Sunday. A bont 2,300 ground moles have been slaughtered in the past year. E. C. Hinkley and Frank Guy, of ililan, were in town Saturday. Rev. Ostroth, went to conference some place near Plint, Monday moming. Misses Mary and Ilannah Stecher visited Detroit the latter part of last week. School commences in District No. 12, next Monday, with Bridget Dawson, teacher. Mr. Geo. Riffer and wife, of Morocco, were the guests of Mr. and Mis. Antou Gabel, this week. John Bishop, of School District No. 12, has had an examination and received an 8th grade diploma from the county secretaryPatrick Murphy, of Pennsylvania, arrived here Tuesday evening. He lias a conple of aunts living here, Mrs. B. Hitchingham and Mrs. H. Nugent. Leo Trebble has sold his blacksmith shop to Miss Abbott ard reDted his house to Will Abbott. Leo talks of goingtowork again for T. Bawn, of Sumpter. Election went mostly republicaii in this township this spring, as only the clerk, F. J. Hammond, and treasurer, VV. W. Ballard, were elected on the democratie ticket - the clerk being elected by a majority of one vote and treasurer by three. This recalls the old saying, "A miss is as good as a mile."


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