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Wirt Carpenter was in Pinckuey last ' Sunday. j E. Benedict spent the past week in Chelsea R. BlomUeld is home fromhis studies at Olivet. i Bom to Mr. and Mis. J. Schuit, a daughter. George Heil is the new marshal of our viliage. F. (Mark and son of Putnam called ! heie Thursday. Mr. Dunn and family have movedon the Sigler farm. Alfred Lavey and wife were Chelsea ' visitors Saturday. Mis. M. Story and faraily entertained friends on Sunday. John Ledwedge was among his Chelsea friends Friday. Miss Bessie Daley is home f rom Milan lor a short visit. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Austin Todd, a son, March 23, 1894. i George Clark, of Putnam, was greeting friends Saturday. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Burt Ilildson, a son, March 29, 1894. Frank Carpenter made a business trip to Sylvan recently. D. Stanton, of Webster, was the Sunday guest of friends. Mrs. John McCabe spent Saturday and Sunday in the viliage. Mr. Mann and chutn, of Pinckney, spent Sunday in this place. Chas. Parker has sold his fine driving horse to Ilowell parties. Thomas Snay sold his farmtools and stock at auction on Tuesday. Mr. Doane was in Detroit on business several days of last week. jnas. y oornis ana ramny win move on the okl Garrett Wood farm. E. Serviss and wife, of Ann Arbor, spent Sunday with her motLer. Miss Theresa Pidd is home after a six month's stay with lier auut. Mr. Movvers, wife and daughter, visited Dexter friends Saturday. Mrs. Hattie Stevens of Ingtiam Co. was amoug friends the past week. Mrs. Clarence Carpenter is entertaining friends from Stoekbridge. Mrs Lute Tubbs was the guest of her sister in Ann Arbor last week. Thos. Shehan and wife, of Hamburg, made us a pleasant cali, Saturday. Miss Annie Connors was the guèst of her brother and family, Sunday. Mr. Heininger and family spent Sunday with tlieir Chelsea cousins. Ilenry Sloan and wife have been entertaining their daughter from Owosso. Mrs. R. Sleator started Wednesday for a three month's stay in California. Mr. Wlieeler and wife attended the funeral of a f riend in Webster Sunday. Miss Minnie Reider entertained her friend írom Ann Arbor the past weeK. Mrs. F. Schulthsenjoyed a visitfrom her daughter, Saturday and Siuiday. Mr. üaly and sister spent Sunday wiüi their graudpareuta in Hamburg. ,ihii Scbieferstein and Will Taylor spiMit Sunday with their Chelsea girls. Mrs. Michael Fohey, of Pinckney, visited her niother and faraily, Monday. Samuel Wheeler and wife, oí South Putnam, visited here one day last week. Mrs. A. Taylor and sons were the guests of Chelsea friend the last of the week. Mr. and Mrs. John Croarkin eujoyed a visit from their daughter f rom Corunna. Little Nellie Newkirk spent Friday and Saturday with her grand-father at Birkett. B. Hopkins and J. Curtis attended Mr. De Camp's funeral in Webster last Sabbath. Mr. C, Luderer of Parshalville visited nis many fnends in this vicinity last week. Mrs. Henry Warren entertained her son from Grand Rapids the first of last week. Clifton Green and sister Minnie spent Snnday with their sister near Hamburg. Miss Ettie Stevens, of Stockbridge, has been the guest of friends the past few days. Frank Spooner, of Albion, was entertained by Dexter friends during the past week. Mr. and Mrs. A. Ilodgeman save Muir friends a dancing party iay evening. Misses Annie Gregory and Carrie Erwin, entertained their l'riend on Sunday last. Miss Lily Neeb, of Ann Arbor spent several days of the past week with Dexter friends. Mis. F. Kilbourn and children of the north part of the state have been visiting her parents. The Misses Clark of Silver Lake were in this place the first of the week visiting frieiids. The society of Willing Workers met at the home of Mrs. L. Jedele, Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Bronson and family of Conway passed here on their way to the University City recently. Mrs. S. D. Alley entertained tlie , Ladies' social circle of the' M. E. j church on Wednesday. Hurrah for the Democrats in Dexter township as they were victorious in electing their offlcers with a large ma jority. Memoriam.- Died at her liome in Dexter township, March 3, 1S94. Cora Mae, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ilenry Wilsey, aged 10 years, 9 months and 3 days. Cora, as she was fainiliarly calied, was a bright, interesting little girl, a loving and affectionate child. She loved to attend school, always aiming for a good education. lier illness was brief but severe, but she was patiënt and anxious to get better; and although loving hands did all that skill could do to relieve her, it was in vain. She was conscious to the end, and when she could no longer speuk to the sorrowing and griefstricken parents she put her little arms around her papa's and mamma's neck and kissed them, showing that she knew how deep their grief was and her affection for them. It is a severe affliction for her parents, and her little brother who survivea her, as they were attending school together when she was stricken down with the lisease, doublé pneumonía.. Although there is a vacant seat at the table, aud at the school she loverï to attend, we trust our loss is her gain. The funeral services were held froni the house on Tuesday. the pastor. Rev. W.W.Wliitcome, officiating. Tre tribute of flrcwers by ïriends was large and beautiijul. 'Tis anothcr Uttle storm-tossed waif l'pon the sea of life. Tliat is resoued from the hattle, Krom thecare. the sin and atrife; 'Tis littlc murnmrins; wave That kist.od the shore of Tiiue, That is swailowed in the ocean Of Eternity sublime 'Tis anotbertiny blrdJlmr lost, Yet flnds a nest seoure where eafet.v, peaoe and happiaess Shall ever move endure; 'Tis nnother little fragrant hurl TranspWntPcl safe to bloom Beyonf] ih ávoary shadow Út sufferlng aml the totnb; Anothcr tiny angel Sinsiiiir praises sweet above, DwellinK in the presènce Of God the Kather's love. S. E. c. Mrs. W. II. Wilsey. who has been very low with pneumonía, is slowly recovering.