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Off M'gulpin's Point

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Cheboyqan, April 5.- The steamer Minneapolis, grainladen from Chicago fo Buftalo, foundered in the straits Wednesday morning in 20 fathoms of water off McGulpin's point. The crew was saved by boarding a consort, the barge San Diego, which, with the schooner Red Wing, t'ormed the tow of the lost steamer. A f ter taking the crew off the Minneapolis the San Diego hoisted her own canvas and sailed for this port. arriving shortly before noon. The crew of the Minneapolis were broughi ashore by the tng Favorite. The voyage from Chicago down Lake Michigan was a stormy one for the steamer and lier tow, and shortly before entering the straits water began pouring int.o the hold. All efforts to stop the leaks proved unavailing, and the water gained on the pumps sorapidly that the crew was compelled to make a hasty escape frorn the doomed boat. So hurried' were their movements in their great peril that many of them only saved the clothes they had on their backs. The lifeboats were ent loose and hastily lowered and the men jumped into them and pulled to the San Diego and jumped aboard. The conrse of the , schooner was made for this port. In response to signáis the wrecker Favorite, which was stationed here recently, went out to the San Diego and brought the crew of the Minneapolis to the town.


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