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J. B. Clayberg one of the most prominent mining attorneys of Helena Mont. , who has been delivering a series of lectures on mining law in the law department, relates very interestingthingsof thatwonderful city of 16,000 inhabitants. The mines in that vicinity are chiefly copper and silver. The state of Montana is a big state and really very much undeveloped. Therewill be more mines discovered in the future than have been in the past. There is one tract of country about 150 miles long by 50 miles wide which is full of the most valuable minerals in which practically a piek has never yet been struck. They have all the modern improvements such as electric lights, street railways etc. Nearly all the business and professional men are graduates of eastern universities, which makes society very pleasant. There are many Chinamen near Helena who work over old placers and do the gardening about the city. They make the most faithful cooks and house servants. Mr. Clayberg is of the opinión that they have a better class of Chinamen than on the coast. Helena is situated on old placer jrounds from which millions of gold liave been washed. All the gravel excavated from cellars is hauled to washers and washed over. One contractor ia excavating a large celar realized $700 over all his expences. He only went down 10 feet and if he had been permitted to go down to bed rock eight feet further, lis profits would have been much arger. The population of the city s very cosmopolitan. While the thermometer in winter often falls to 45o below zero the air is so dry, that it is not feit. When it rains it rains, no damp raw drizzling rain, ut it is business, and then the weather clears up. The litigation n the state often involves very large sums and is continuaily growing. Mr. Clayberg's wife and two sons are spending the winter in Kalamazoo. He expects to leave for Boson, Mass., before returning to his ïome.


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