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lOFFICIALl COÜNCIL Chamber, April ■, 1894. Regular meetiug. President Watts beiiig absent, the Councii was colled to order by the Cferk. Roll callad. No quorum being present, on motion of Aid. Kitson the Council meeting was adjourned to Tuesday evening, April 3, 1S94, atöo'clock. W. J. MiIleb, Clerk. CODSCII, ChAMBEU, I ANS Akbok, April 3, 1894. l" The Cornmon Council met in an adjourned session. Called to order by Pres. Watts. Rollcalled. Quorum present. Absent- Aid. Wagner and Herz- 2. The Journal of the last session was approved. COMMÜNICATION KROM THE TO3ISONHOUSTON ELECÏK1C CO. March 2Oth, 1S!M. To the Common Council City of Arm Arbov. Gentlkjien: We will accept your proposition lor lighting the City of Aim Arbor ($73.00 per year per light), with the exception that the contract date f rom March lst, '94, to January lst, '95, instead of trom January lst, "94, to January lst, '95. Yours reapectfully, xVn Aeboe T-H. Electric Co. Ter W. P. .Stephens, Supt. Received and filed. KUOJ! THE BOAKD OF FUBLIC WORKIS. To the Common Gouncü: The annual report of the street commissioner, containing the expenses of the Street Fund and Bridge, Culvert and Crossvvalk Fund, for the year 1893, is liereby respectfully submitted. Thomas J. Keech, President Board of PubJic Works. W. J. Milleh, Clerk. 1' tht' Honorable the Board of Public fVorks, 1 herewith submit my report of expenditure of Street and Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Funds for the past year. 189;j Tahle of Expenditure by Months. January, st reet, lahor and materials, $ 460 28 February " 3-B 28 Maren.... ' ■ 5 48 April ■ J071 18 May 1234 43 Juni! 1775 97 July ' 2137 43 August... 084 50 Septeinb'r " " ■' ■ 9(0 46 October.. ■■ 336 35 November " " " '■ (15 82 December " " " " 2 6 48 Total $10814 75 TABf.K OF PUSPOS! KOU WHICH FUNDS WEKE EXPENDED. General Street Work .$ 2289 30 (JleauingStreets and Alleys 1287 45 Lumber jii 06 Hardware and Supplies 121 95 Blacksmithing and Repairs :. 71 42 Kepairson Sideivalks 14 35 Artificial Stone Walks and Stone (.'rossings S17 94 Gravel anti Deliverint? same 7015 31 i Suow Plowing and Carting Snow and Ice f rom Gutters 559 81 Cuttlng Weeds and Doek 231 68 Hanover Park 40 47 Sewer Pipe su ;j8 atone 48 25 Street Signs and putting them up... 165 33 Stone Culvert on West Fifth street.... 385 00 Filling in Dirt over tlie same 78 15 I Stone Slab-, and Four Stone Crossinss, 216 44 ' Kepairson Tar CroBslnga r41 ïhirty-three Plank Ci-ossing-s (the laboi- on saine.. 107 25 Labor South State Street, south of Paekard street 320 70 on East Huron and FilUng t 1' l.'ith.fctreet .' 419 75 Grading on West Madison 235 81 Gradlrig on Gett and Urook streets... :2S 13 Grading on South Fourth avenue, south of Paekard 98 75 Gradint? on Nortb Hroadway street. .. 28 75 Grading on North Main street 41 80 Trees around the Campus and PlaiitIng them n 85 City Engioeer and help un 03 Stieet Commissioner's Salary... 533 28 Total ÏI0814 75 NELSON' 8UTHÈKLAND, Street Commissioner. Aid. Prettyman moved that the report be consideied read, and spread on the journal. Adopted. To the Common Council: The undersigned members of the Board of Election Commissioners of the city of Aim Arbor beg leave to report as follovvs: An examination and count of the nfricial ballots before tliey.were delivered to the inspectors of election, and aiter they were returned to the City Clerk, shows that there were delivered in all to the various wards iour thousand iive hundred and tvventy-üve (4,525), which were accounted for as ioDows: FIRST WARD. Numberöf ballots delivered... 1000 " " returned unused 494 spoiled 3 Number of votes cast 603 MakiDg number of ballots 1Ü0O SECOND WAH1). Number of ballots delivered. 860 " " returned unused 4:.'3 " " spoiled 4 ' votes east 423 Makinji number oí ballots BSO THIRD WARD. Number of ballots delivered 900 ' " " returned unused 450 spoiled in votes cast 431 Making number of ballots.- 900 KOCKTH WARD. Number of ballols delivered 750 " " returned unused - 3C8 ' " " " spoiled 10 votes cast 389 ballets unaiTounted for.. 3 Making number of ballots 750 (Continued on eigbtn page.) , Council Proceedings. Contioued from fourtta pase. riNTII WAKI). Number of ballots delivered 400 returaed unused S-vt spoiled 2 " votescast ...:■.. , 16a " ballots uot acoounted lor. 5 Making number of ballots 4 0 sixth WABD. Xurabcr of ballots delivered 625 " " returned unused 2i0 " votescast 335 Making number of ballots delirorcd - 635 We also find four extra ballots which are supposed to have been thrown out during canvass of vote as void. We find that everything connected with the election, so far as carue withiii our observation, was done according to law, the seals all intact and the ballots returned properly, with the exception that some wards placed both poll books in the ballot box, whereas in all cases one should be placed in the liox and the other sliould be returned to the City Clerk. Very respectfully. Louis R Hall, Chairman, C. Frank O'Heakn. VV. J. Miller, Secretary, S. W. Beakbs, Election Commissioners. Received and hled. KEPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEER. FINANCE. To tlie Common Council: Your Committee on Finance respectfulJy report that they have had the follovving bilis under consideration and woald recommend their allowance at sums stated: CONTINGENT ÏDND. W. J. Müler, saiary $ m fifi E. U. Norris. saiary 35 00 P. O'Hearn, saiary 8li 34 Geo. H. Pond, saiary. 8 Si Marvin Davenport, 3 mo's janitor .saiary 18 75 jieakt's Je Hiimmoiid, print ing tickets 49 90 Thos. F. Leonard, services. ------ ut 00 Nelson, for witness fees... 8 00 Clay A. Greene. reDt 21) 17 Thomas B. McCoUum, wood for Fifth ward eDjrine house 1 38 Michael Btaebler, coal ;i!i Od Kichmond & Backus Co-, supplies 1 78 Sid W. Millard, printing .. 6 0Ü HonryC'. Wilniot, posting notices 2 50 W. ,T. Miller, supplics 3 U5 B. U. McC'racken, 25 copies olcction laws 3 01 Fred Sipley, expensesto Chatham, Ont V 20 M. C. Peterson, '■ " ' " üO 10 Total $ 41U 18 SEWEIl FÜHD. Aun Arbor Savings Bank, ac counts assigned tliem as follows: Mich;ul Willhim.s, Inbor $ ] 51) Michael Welch, labor 2 10 Kobert Leonard, labor.-, 13 50 Gustave Wolter, labor 5 25 Barnart Langer, labor ü 10 .John Kruiurci, labor f 10 Vietor Stront, labor 3 90 .lohn McNallv, labor 1 50 Dougrlas Bycraft,, labor 1 50 Patrick McCabe, lator (i T5 Michael Kenuv, labor 5 25 Albert Marsn. labor :7 Herman L. Bucholz, labor. .. 1 35 Wllliam Kuehn, labor 4 50 Peter Peterson, labor tas ; ocl Scbunn, labor 5 10 .iiiniis iNimz, labor 9 30 Alhert Steffen, labor ■ ]o lit-o .Sctilemmer, labor 75 )';i:up Lavure, labor 1 ;jö Gottneb Kuyath, labor ; bu Toal amount due The Aun Arbor Sav Bank.. . $84 22 $ i4 3 Fpeáerick Badke, labor 4 50 Charlea Glazer, labor 4 5it Uottfried Schuon. labor 1 r0 Frank Sohultz, labor 75 Frank Sutherland, labor 1170 J'atrick McCabe, labor 12 00 Mfchael WilliaQis. labor :; 00 Albert Schwemrain, labor ti 0" .lohn Hoeffer, labor 75 Jobu Burns, labor 1 éi J. A. Polliemus. teamintr ï iyy Wllliam Whecler, teaming 'Z 75 .1. A. Polhemus, use of hack 50 (Jeo. Wahr, snpplies 1 55 K. J. Rogers, wtieel barrows ■ 23 50 .lames Tolbert, sewer pipe 17 03 Total... in 95 STREET FDND. Nelsoa Sutherland. salary 66 60 (íeoige F. Key, engineer.. 60 00 Frederick Kadtke, laoor 3 00 Wm. Enkemann, labor 4 95 íottfried Schuon, labor 75 August Tessmer, labor 1 SO Frank Schultz, labor 5 25 Frank Sutherland, labor 5 25 Pajfiek'McCabe, labor 1 50 JftPhuel Williams, labor 75 WiUisClark, labor 27 00 RcSi&gfcAeonard, labor 150 CnrN.Jetter, labor 1 60 Liiwrence Hu;dis, labor 3 00 Charles viinkle, labor 6 00 Chris. letter, labor.. 10 50 Dean & Co., oil and red-globes 7 40 ES8linf;er Bros , blacksmithing :t 75 John Mahlke, 361 loads oí gravel .. 54 60 Henry Otto, repairs 3 00 Solomon Arrustrong. lillnj? '■ saw. 45 Jí. Smherland, horse and cart 5 50 JiOuis Hohde, teaming w 45 Israel Clark, teaming 150 Daniel Crawford, labor 9 99 Wjlliam Wheeler, horse and cart 11 00 Michael Heary, teamin? 10 50 John Nowlaa, 16 pick handles 4 00 Tilomas Hewett, building sidewalk 7 20 Total $ 336 36 BRIDCE, CULVERT AND CIÏOSSWALK FUKD. Patrick McCabe, labor H s." I 'rank Schuit., labor 11 25 August Tessmer, labor ' 18 Oottfried Schuon, labor 6 00 William Inkemann, latíor 1 50 Fred Kadke, labor 13 73 Gustav Wolters, labor 2 26 harles Winkle, labor 6 75 Michael Williams, labor 14 25 Michael Kuaterer, leaming 15 00 Johti A. Kobison,. snow plowinp; 1 50 ííeorge Schümmer, snow plowiog 1 50 Thomas Han non, snow plowing 150 Michael Herey, snow plowing 150 .lulius Weinberg, snow plowing 150 Fred Bartlett, hiinw plowing 1 50 Bi-nnett Frencb, snow plowing 1 50 John McHugb, snow plowing 1 50 Martin Nagle, teamingandsaow ploing 15 50 Hiram Kittredge. teaming 1 50 Michael Kusterer, labor 6 00 Willíam Wheeler, horse and cart 15 00 James Tolbert ltmber 45 81 Ann Arbor SavingsBank, accounts assigned them as follows: Wjlliam Enkemann, labor... 2 85 Jacob Moegle, labor 6 75 Wm. Kueün, labor 6 45 Total due the Ann Arbor Savings Bank 16 05 16 05 Total $ 193 57 FIKE DEPARTMENT FCND. Fred Sipley, salary í 60 00 C.A.Edwards, nalary 50 00 Louia Hoelzle, salary 50 00 Henry Mcl-aren, salary 50 00 Max Wittlinger, salary 50 00 Albert West, salary 46 00 Herman Kirn, salary 40 00 Eugene Williams, salary 40 00 .John Kenny, salary 8 00 Samuel McLaren , salary, two months, 16 09 Wm. Kettich, salary 8 00 Edward Koelzle, síilary 8 00 William L. Schnierle, salary S 00 Mrs.B. Ream, washing 5 00 Henry Kleinsclimidt, hay 9 86 Adton Teufiíl, eupplles " 79 H.J. Brown, supplies t 15 Bailey & Dow. supplies 1 1 Biusy & Seabolt, .supplies 39 26 Eberbach Drue & Chemical Co., supplles 16 88 Fire & Water Pub. Co. oneyear's subgcriptlon for "Fire and Wator," 3 00 Hutacl & Cr., supplies 48 tt William Herz, supplies 6 86 Eg?lij)ger Brai., repairs 2 00 ' Louis ttohdo, coal ü z Total í -576 5 PÓLICE "1 N f. (Hiarles Wbeeler, salary 66 0 David coliins, salary... 50 00 Noble C. Tice, salary ao William G. Snow, use óf hark 1 00 Tota! ï 168 00 POOK IT'NI). Fred Sipley, salnry 10 CO W. H. Wtl8on,34 cords basswood 39 1 Kred Sipley, freieht on wooil 21 Ü0 Edward Duffy, sroceries 10 6 Doty & Feinor, shims 3 0 Kberbach Dru Co., medioine .- T 8 Mrs. Aun Evans, aid 5 Ot John Kisele, groceries 14 4JoUn Goetz Jr.. groceries 5 1 John Goetz & Son, groceries 8 9 L. Gruner, shoe?, -.. ö o William F, Lodholz, groceries 15 4b Fred Sinlev, one fare to JacKson (Mrs. Willis) . -. 1 15 William H Mclntyre, groceries.-. 14 V O' Hu ra & Boyle, rrocerios 14 1! J. A. Pol hem us. hack to hospital ñ0 Hlnsey - Seabolt, grocerios 18 38 Caspar Kinsey, groceries 15 9S Louis Ronde, coal 9 00 VF. F. Stimson, grocerles. lift C. W. Vogel, ment 2 8 W. D. Vogel, meat 50 Walir & Miller, slioes 10 50 C, '.irn. meat 4 14 Total - 8 246 5Í BECAPITUGAT1ON. Contingent Fund f 410 16 Sewer Fund 177 95 Street Fund 336 36 Bridge, Culvert and Oosswalk Fund. 193 57 Fire Fund.. 576 53 Pólice Fund 166 00 Poor Funa 246 58 Total t 2.3JT 73 Respectf ully submitted. Waltek L. Taylor Frank Wood, WlLLTAM IlERZ, Finance Committee. Accepted and recemmendation concurred in as follows: Y"eas - Aid. Schairer, Martin, Snow, iVood, O'Mara, Ferguson, Taylor, Slanly, Prettyman, Kitson, President Watts- 11. Nays- None. Aid. Taylor, clnurman of the Finnance Committee, recommended the allowance of C. H. Manly's bill of $218.75 for 175 assessor's maps. Accepted and recommendation concurred in as follows: Yeas - Aid. Schairer, Martin, Snow, Wood, O'Mara. Ferguson. Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watts -11. Nays - None. Aid. Taylor recommended the allowance of M. C. Peterson's bill of $6.00 for tliree days' special pólice. Accepted and recommendation concurred in as follows: Yeas - Aid. Schairer, Martin, Snow, Wood, O'Mara, Ferguson, Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Tres. Watts- 11. Nays- None. Aid. Taylor reported tbe bill of Mrs. Mary Kenny, of $121.15, amount of judgment against the city, and stating thát Mr. Kearney, attorney for i plaiatíff, woitld like to be heard. The pertnission was granted and Mr. Kearuey was heard. Aid. O'Mara moved that the bill be allowed and warrant be ordered drawn for $121.15. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Schairer, Snow, Wood, O'Mara, .Ferguson, Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watts- 10. Nay- Aid. Martin- 1. ' êUPPDEHEIfTAKT REPORT OF IXECTION EXPENSES OF APBI. 2, lttM. CONTINGENT FUUT). D. F. Schairer, reg. and election $ 10 00 O. W. Wagner, " " 10 00 E. B. Pond, inspector 5 0( Louis Goodrieh, eleik of eleotion 6 CC W. H. Butler. " " 5 00 Thoma.sTaylor, gatokeeDer 2 0( Martin Clark, ' 2 00 Eugene Oeüteriin. registration 5 00 Ohristian Martin, reg. aud election.-. 10 00 Witliatn Herz, " ' 10 00 Oharle Grossman, inspector 5 00 George B. Sclwab. clerk oí election.. 5 00 Albert Schumacher, " " .. 5 00 William Bender, gatekeeper 2 00 Rouben Armbruster, gatekeeder 2 00 Oeorg-e H . Pond, registration 5 00 John O'Mara, reg. and election 10 00 A. P. Feigruson, " '" 10 00 Frank Vandawarker, inspector 5 00 FredA. Howlett, clerk of election.... 5 00 O. P. Carey, " " .... 5 00 Jolin O'Keefe, gatckeener. 2 00 Jolin Nowlan. " 2 00 Robert Shanncm, reidstratiou 5 Ó0 William G. Snow, reg.. and electiou... 10 00 Frank Wood, " " 10 00 Henry C. Clark, Insphctor 5 00 William A. Clark, clerk of election.. 5 00 .Iqhn O. Jeukins, " " ... 5 00 Michael Williamfj, gatekeeper 2 00 Orville Sage, " 2 00 Thoma.s Speechley, registratiou 5 00 Charles H. Manly, reg. and election... 10 00 Walthr L. Taylo'r, registration 5 00 Oscar Spaiïord, inspector 5 00 N.D.Gates. " .-.. 5 00 Dr. John Boylan, clerk of election 5 00 Thomas Godkin, " '■ 5 00 John Morouy. satekeeper 2 00 N. Garlinghouse, " 2 00 EvartH. Scott, registratien 5 00 Arthur J. Kitson, reg. and eleotion.. 10 10 H. G.. Prettymau, reglstration 5 01 John W.' Beunett, inspector 5 00 .1. B. Suniner. " 500 John Duffy, clerk of election 5 00 W. A. Morsu, " " 5 Ofl MI). Miller, gatekeeper 2 00 William Hatto, " 2 00 Louis C. Weinmann, rooto for reglstration and election 15 00 T. A. Walker, room for election 111 00 WUllam Herz, room for registration.. 5 00 Nicholas Glaser, 28 dinners 14 00 William Frank, 7 dinners : 50 H.. G. Prettyman, 7 dinners-- 3 50 Marvin Dii venport, cloaning 3d ward room-... 1 00 W. J. Miller, supplies 60 Louis P. Hall, election eommissioner. 5 00 G. Frank O'Hearn, " " -... 5 00 WiUiamJ. Miller, " " ' .... 5 00 S. W. Beakes, " " ..-- 5 00 Total 8 331 60 Accepted and recommendation concurred in as follows: Yeas- Aid. Schairer, Martin, Snow, Wood, O'Mara, Ferguson,Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Tres. Watts- 11. Naya - None. FKOM THE STREET COMMITTEE. Ib theCommon Council: Your Committee on Streets, to whom were referred several petitions and resolutious improying certain streets and replanking railroad bridge, would respectfully report that all said matter be referred to the new street committee for their consideration. Respectfully submitted, Christian Martín, A. P. Ferguson, i D. F. Schaiher, W. Gr. Snow, ' H. G. Pkettyman, W. L. Taylor, Street Committee. Accepted and recommendation conctuxed in. REPORT FKOM THE SID1CWA I.K COMMITTEE. To Hu (Jommon Councü: Your committee on Sidewalks. to whom was referred the communscation irom the Board of Public Works, asking that an appropriation of $200.00 be made fot the construction of two crosswalks on and along the east side of Fourth avenue across Liberty and south sides of east Liberty street across Fourth avenue, one on and along the Dorth side of east Ann street across Fourth avenue, also a resolution which was referred to your committee at our last meeting, asking that $150.00 be appropriated for the construction of two crosswalks, one on along the north side of Washington street across Thayer street and one on and along the east side of Thayer street across Washington street. Your committee find that the above crosswalks are a necessity, we therefore recommend that the apprapriation of $450.00 be made from the Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Fund, for tbe constructiou of the above crosswalks. Respectf nlly submited. Ahthuiï J. Kitson, C. II. Manlï, J. O'Mara, Frank Wood, Sidewalk Committee. Accepted and reeommendatiou concurred in as follows: Yeas- Aid. Schairer, Snow, Wood, O-Mara, Fergusou, Taylor, Manly, Prettyman. Kitson, Pres. Watts- 10. Nays- Aid. Martin- 1. FROM THE SA31E. To the Common Council: Your Committee on Sidewalks, to whom was referred the petitions asking tor the construction of sidewalks on and along the ■ north side of East Catherine street from Ingalls to Thirteenth street, and on and along the south side of Geddes avenue from the line of walks already built to the city limits. We would report and-recommend that the grading and construction of the walks are a necessary public improvement and your committee causeel to be prepared and herewith submit the proper resolution ordering the same. Eespectfully submitted, Arthub J. Kitsow C. H. Manly, J. O'Mara, Frank Wood, Sidewalk Committee. Accepted and leave being granted, the following resolution was offered: By Alderman Kitson: Resolved, That the grading and construction of the sidewalks hereinafter mentioned is deemed aud declared a necessary public improvement, Therefore, It is hereby ordered that plank sidewalks be graded, built and constructed on and along the following streets and in front of the following property in the City of Ann Arbor, viz: On and along the north side of East C.ulierine street, from Ingalls to Thirteenth street. On and along the south side of Geddes avenue, from the line of walk already built, and extending easterly to the city limits. That all such sidewalks be graded, built and constructed in the manner, within the time and of the material prescribed by the provisión of an ordinance entitled"An Ordinance Relative to Sidewalks," and on the grade to be established. Adopted as follows: Yeas - Aid. Schairer, Martin, Snow, Wood, O'Mara, Ferguson, Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watts -11." Xays - None. FKOJI THE SAME. To the Common Councü: Gentlemen: Your Committee on Sidewalks, to whom was referred the specifications tor the construction of cement walks, submitted by City Engineer Key, respectf ully report that your committee have carefully considered the same and find such specifications are very necessary, hereafter, in our sidewalk ordinancesothat all artiflcal stone walks may be built alike and uniform, we therefore recomrnend that the matter is hereby submitted to ;he ordinance committee toreport such amendment to the side walk ordinance ;o the council. Eespectfully submitted, Akthüb J. Kitsok, C. H. Manly, J. O'Mara, Frank Wood, Sidewalk Committee. Accepted and recommendationscon. curred in as follows: Yeas- Aid. Schairer, Wood, O'Mara, Ferguson, Prettyman, Kitson- 6. Nays- Aid. Martin, Snow, Taylor, Manly, Pres. Watts- 5. BBPQBTS OF CITY OFFICEKS. The monthly reports of the city clerk, city treasurer, poor superintendent and marshal were read. and ored filed. Poor Superintendent Sipley reported ;he folio wing expenditures during the month of March: lst ward, $26.40; 2d ward, $29.53; 3d ward, $78.23; 4th ward, $59.86; 5th ward, $66.00; 6th ward, $9.21. CITY CLERK'S RErORT FOR . THE MONTH EjTDING MARCH 31, 1894. T the Common 'Council of the City of Ann Arbor: Balance on hand as per last report (16,357 16 MONEV RKCEIVEI). Uncollected Tax Fund 9 9,16 42 Contingent Fund - W. j: Miller, license.-.. 16.0J Cont. Fund plusrolls. 110.49 Penalty tax 441.0S S56T.57 567 5T Fire Fnnd - Fred öipley . building permit -i 00 Pólice Fund- Chas. Wheeler.offieor'sfees. 5 90 B. B. Pond, fines. 1 00 Cometerv Fund- Manly lot sold 3 00 SO'diers' Fund- By appropriation 558 26 Total Ï10.303 15 10,303 15 26,661 31 , 5,867 5Ï 20,803 7 i MONEY DISBURSED. Contingent Fuud Ï1.15S 20 Street Fund ;;, )i Firemen's Fund 4', l.DO Polioe l'uiul ifir 00 Poor Fund 259.65 Water Fund 62.05 Sewor Fund 3,621.52 Soldiere' Holief Fund 20.00 Bridge, Gulvert und Crosswalk Fuud.-. 73.81 Total $ 5 857.5:_l BALANCE ON HAND. Contingent Fund $1,38 39 Street Fund 717 84 Firemen'sFund 3,338.67 Pólice Fund 1,544.07 PoorFund 363.97 Water Fund 2,608.40 Cemetery Fund 277.2B Soldiere' Relief Fu nd. 1,263.K üniversity Hospital Aid Bond Fund 840.00 Delinquent Tax Fund 288 48 Bridge, Culvert and Crosswalk Fuud, 6. 432.97 Dog Tax Fund 10O0O Sewer Fund 2,212.00 Total $21,007.26 Viiy Clerk's Tialanco $20.803 78 Amount of Outstondinf,' Orders 185 H7 Total Trea? urer's Balance 20,!í8H 15 Respectf ully submitted, Wm. J.Millek, Citv Clerk. Ann Arbor, April Ist, 18!4. Ann Arbor Savin-xs Bank, i Ann Arbor, Mieta., April. 3, 1894. f . To tlie Common Council of the City of Ann Arbor: Dear SiHs-This will certify that Geo. H. Pond has on deposit to bis credit as City Treasurer, the sum of Twcnty-one Thousand, Two f?"n ,.reand Sevenry-three and lO-loo DolCHAS. E. HISCOCK, Cashier. Chief of Pólice Wheeler, reported seven arrests during the month as follows: Drunk, 3; violating city ordinance, 1; insane, 3. Anx Arbor, Mich., April 3d, 1891. To the Honorable Common Council: I hereby certify ttaat the water guage at engine house has registered 65 pounds or more, at all times since February 19th, the date of last report. FUED Sll'LEY, Chief of Fire Department. Received and filed. UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Aid. Manly moved that the proposition made by the Ann Arbor ThomsonIlouston Electric Co. be accepted. Lost as folio s: Yeas- Aid. Snow- 1. Nays-Ald. Schairer, Martin, Wood O'Mara, Ferguson, Taylor, Manly Prettyman, Kitson, Tres. Watts -10 ByAld. Manly: Resolved, That the Electric Ligbt Company be given until Thursday, April 4, 1894. at 6 o'clock p. m., to accept the proposition of this Council, made March 5. 1894. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid Schairer, Martin, Snovv, Wood, O'Mara. Ferguson, Tavlor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, and Pres. Watts- 11. Xays - None. Aid. Prettyman moved that a special committee, consisting of President W. W. Watts and three members of this council. President Keech of the Board of Public Works and five business men be appointed to confer with the officials of the M. C. 11. R. company about lowering viaduct over their tracks, at the foot of Detroit street. Adopted as follows: Yeas- Aid. Schairer, Martin, Snow, Wood, O'Mara. Ferguson, Taylor, Manly, Prettyman, Kitson, Pres. Watts Nays- Xone. Pres. Watts appointed the following committee: Aid. Prettyman, Aid. Manly and Aid. Wood and Messrs. L. D. Wines, Moses Seabolt, G.F.Allmendinger, N. J. Kyer and John F. Lawrence. Aid. Martin moved that the street commissioner do proceed at once to repair and make safe for public travel M. C. Kailway bridge. Adopted. Aid. Kitson moved that wben we adjourn we adjourn to meet on Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock p. m. Adopted. On motion the council adjoumed. City Clerk.


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