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May Brookyn's Superstitions

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In rIii-s Brookyn"s room vvere writings ivhich attested her snperstition. The larne of a "test medium and ] rist" of this city was on a card which she sept. In her handwriting was what apeared to be a list of omens. It began ívith an incomplete account of what the nontbs had in store for her. This waa is follows: Feb.- Avoid O. S. June- P. I. Aug.- Good. Nov.- Below this was a statement of what She letters meant. This was as follows: H- Good; deal freely. E- Not so good In wouian as man. O-Very bas?. S- Unpleasant news fvora a distance; surprise. A- Good; male or female. P-Good. L- Very good; male or fema'.e. K- Good: new t'riend. V- New frieud; good; fair man. Don't marry in W; '116 good. 5 or 61. 8 Q. ■" 8. B- Is vory fcnod; deal freely. : W- Proposnion; good for flirtation; nercr marry. 0- Good; rr.alu or female. ÏM - Better woznan. T - New fricjid; good. G - Very good. N- Not quile so good; bc careful. She had Arawn a rudecircle, andthere were dots i:i it as if a pencil point carne down in inany places. The supposition is that the letters were placed inside a circle, like the numbers on the face of a clock, and she then let the pencil heldin her fingers drop wherever chance brought it. The letter on which it hit signified the outcome of whatever she might have been thinking of. In this marnier doubtless she founa whether the months were to be good or bad for her. She had marked February as a month to avoid and with the letters "O S. According to the mystic dictionary, "O" meant that February was very bad for her and "S" that she would receive nnpleasant uews from a distance. Curiously she did get some news from New York latcly, which is presumed to have been unpleasant, and February proved to be the inonth of her grievous exit froin the worid. A spiritualistic doctor lingered around the Baldwin theater yesterday until he could teil Mr. Presbrey, manager of the 3almer comnany, that he had received inowledge of the reunión of the souls of Lovecraft and Miss Brookyn. The spii-itualistic theory is that when her efforts o establish commnnication with her lovr's spirit failed she feit the necessity of ;aking esactly the same terre: ';rial route hat he had journeyed on. To employ any other poison than carbolic acid inight erve to keep them parted forever, and o she submitted herself to thescorching liqnid. She bought the deadly draft in Columbas, O., on Nov. 20 and treasured it until she feit irnpelled to put the tle to her lips. -


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