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The Sons Of Veterans

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Last evening was the regular meeting of the Sons of Veterans. After the usual routine of business, Comrade Col. H. S. Dean and Commander W. K. Childs made some patriotic remarks. The question of the Sons of Veterans becoming members of the Grand army was talked of and the Colonel said that it was out of the question for them to become members of the G. A. R. The only thing left for the Sons of Veterans to do was to perpetĂșate the memories and sacrifices of their fathers. Com. Childs said that the Sons of Veterans should not be members because they had a higher calling to fulfill. Com. Chas. J. Duffin said that he was no speaker but that he believed that actions spoke louder than words and we would hear from him later. After the meeting closed, all were ordered to keep their seats, an order which, though not looked for, was obeyed. Here carne in the action spoken of by Com. Duffin, plates, napkins, coffee, spoons, sugar, cream, ham sandwitches, luttuce sandwitches, a dozen different kinds of cake,lemonade and ice cream. These are actions which, if we are any judge, certainly speak louder than words. Arthur Crawford, caterer.


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