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CATARRH OR PELVIC ORGANS. A Class of Diseases Not Generally Uncí erstood. It is a popular impression that catarrh is a disease confined to the mucous membranes lining the nose, throat and bronchial tubes and bther of the respiratory organs. The real fact is, that all mucous membranes, wherever located, are subject to catarrh, and unless recognized and properly treated chronic ailments are sure to follow. No organ of the whole body is more frequently affected than the bladder. The symptoms of catarrh of the bladder are: frequent voiding, which is generally scant in quantity and highly colored, with a thick, white or slightly pinkish sediment. Catarrh of the bladder is also liable to extend downwards to the pelvic organs. This will soon cause smarting, and sometimes difficulty and pain. In females the extensión of the catarrhal disease is certain to involve the female pelvic organs, and produce leucorrhoea, painful periods, and bearing-down pains. In taking Pe-ru-na for catarrhal affections of these organs a tablespoonful four times each day is sufficient for cases of ordinary severity, but there are acute cases for which it is necessary to take six doses each day to get the full benefit of the treatment. Old persons who are annoyed by frequent calis and burning pains, day or night, never fail to find complete cure by a months' faithful use of Pe-ru-na. Send for free copy of Family Physician No. 2, in which these subject are fully explained. Address The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing Company, Columbus, Ohio.


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