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JioooO u Mesas f orí jMFive Cents llf Each person eats on the average HF over l,0Ü0 meals per year. To pro ■f perly flavor these would require 1 say 17 cents worth of Diamond ■I Crrstnl Salt. This is a trifle great■ er outlay than if the other kinds K were used, but 5 cents would m more than cover the difference, t n(l Pav fr tho luxury of Uaving Diamond Crystal Salt instead of the other kinds. But the important thing about it is the flner flavor your food will have and the greater protection your health will receive when you use the alt tliat'xl all iialt. Ask your Grocer forfc DIAMOND CRYSTAL. If he has I notgotit, write tous. Ifyoumake. butter, investígate our Dairy Salt ; ■ t here's money in it. Address P Diamond Crystal Salt Co., fs%% st. clair, nicn.ALMm WALL PAPER! WALL PAPER. OF ALL The Newest Designs ! PRXCES THE LOWEST OSCAU 0. SOUG, THE DKCORATOR, 70 nvriisr st. 8STLATEST IMPROVEO HORSE POWER Machines for THRESHING CT,EATrN raln.aloo Machines for_SAWIN; vywo Acknowledged jjaaL Cut ïijrag öaws EtDRflFT,DURABIUTYÍQUSNTnOFWüí,'i feepsss l w. GRars sons, pATJUÏTiiKS AKD SOIX MAKT7F.4OTUIIEBB, VÍCTOR CYCLES Tpan nrr VIOTOH FbYEH S125.00. If you are froing to rlde wliy not ride the iicst, Victoreare beul! Oall and see them and you will be convinced. ijold at M. STAEBLER'S CTCLE EMPOR1UM. 11 Washington St., Ann Arbor. N. B.-- We llave a larKe.line of second-hand wheele which we ure selliuü: very cheap. IIHV k SKiWS BAKERT, GROGERY AND FLOUR AO FEED STORE, We keep constantly on hand BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, &o. For Wholesale or Retail Trade. We shall also keep a supply o) OSBORNE'S GOLD DUST FLOUR. J. IC. Swift & Oo.'a Best White Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Buckwheat ilour, Oorn Meal, F)ed, fcc, &c, &c, At Wholesale and Retail. A g-eneral stock oi GROGEEIES AND PR0VISI0NS constarvtlfy on hand„ which will be sold on as reasonable terms as at any other house in the city. HfCaeh paid for Butter, Egs, and Country Produce penerally. 3fGoo6 Delivered to any part of the city with out extri charere. Rinsey & Seabolt. 5 DOLLARS PER DAY 20 Easily Made. TV e want many men, womeu, boys, and girlsto work for us a few hours daily, riglit in and around theirown homes. The business is easy, pleasant, strictly honorable, and pays betterthan anyotber cffered ugents. You have a clear field and no COmpetition. Experience and special ability unDecessary. Tío capital required. We equip you With everything that you need, treat you well, and help you to earn ten times ordinary wages. Women do as well as men, and boys and girls make good pay. Any one, anywhere, can do the work. AH succeed who follow our plain and simp!e directions. Earnest work will surely bring you a great deal of money. Everything is new and in great demand. Write for our pamphlet oircular, and receive full information. No harm one if you conclude not to go on with the business. Georce Stinson&Co., Box 488, PORTLAND, MAINE. g cures wherTall ÈlseTails TjP B3 Best Couiih Syrup. Tastes üood. Use K u tinils Hiil] ly ilriik-KiHlH g


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