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Underthe caption, "A Lesson for the Hour," the Detroit Tribune, the republican organ of the state, in its editorial leader in Monday's issue, admits some truths in connection with the present state republican administration which have been and are persistently denied, or covered up by many of the republican papers throughout the state. The Tribune admits that the recently exposed rottenness at the capítol forms "a chapter of shame unparalleled in the history of Michigan." In this same editorial, written on Sunday, which may account for the fact that it contains several truths, the Tribune also admits that the republican party alone is responsible for the corruption at Lansing. "It is in vain to say," admits the Tribune, "that the party is not responsible for the acts of individuals," because the republican party is resonsible for placing Jochim, Hambitzer, et al, in positions "where they could defraud and honor the state." In this confession the Tribune also admits another truth when it says "it will not do to say that they (the republican members of Gov. Rich's administration) were drawn into it by an attorneygeneral of another political family; or that they were seduced by the underlings in the office." By the above admissions the Tribune does not teil the people of Michigan anything new. The people were already aware of the fact that the chapter made by Governor Rich's administration is "a chapter of shame unparalleled in the history of Michigan." The people were already acquainted with the fact that the republican party is responsible for the rank corruption at the capítol and that the responsibity therefore cannot be transferred or ignored. "The "Lesson of the Hour" drawn by the Tribune is "Put none but men of high character on guard." Every loyal citizen of Michigan will endorse that sentiment. But the rub will come for the g. o. p. in making the application. What assurance can the republicans of Michigan offer the people that the men, whom they will nomínate at their state convention, are men of higher character than were Jochim, al? What can be said in favor of any candidate whom the republicans may nomínate, that was not said in favor of Jochim and Hambitzer during the last campaign. Of what significance would it be if every republican organ and orjanette in the state should, as they surely will, vouch for the "high :haracter" of each candidate on the aext republican state ticket ? Was lot the "high character" of each kandidate, Jochim, Hambitzer, et al included, vouched for by the same republican papers of Michigan during the last state campaign ! "Put none but men of high character on guard" is good wholesome advice and can only be realized by turning down the corruption party of Jochim, Hambitzer, Berry, Lindholm, et al, and placing the democracy in


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