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Estáte of David DeForest STATE OF MICHIGAN, COÜSTT oí Washtenaw, 8a. Al a session of the Probate Tourt for tlieCountyot Washtenaw, hoMen at the Probate Office in the city of Aun Arhor, on riuirsclay, the 29lh ilny of Marcb, in the rearoue thousand eight bundred anti ninetv-four Present, J. Wiliard Babbitt, Judge of ïroate. 1 11 the matter of the estáte of David DeFowst leceased. On readiDg and flling the petition, duly Terfiel, of Frank B. DeForest, praying that the idmimstration de bonis non with the will annexed )f said estáte my be granted to Thomas G. Wiace or aoine other suitatle persoa. Thereupon it ïb ordered that Monday, the 23zd lay of April next, at ten o'clock in the foreuoon, je asaigned for the hearing of said petition, and ;hat tbe devisees, leñatees and heirs at law )f said deceased, and all other persons intereated; n said estáte are required to appear at a session )f said eourt, then to be holden at the Probate Jtlice in tbe city of Ann Arbor, and show canse, f anv there be why the pruyer of the pe:itioner shouH not be granted. And it is furiherordered that said petitioner give notice to ;he persons in terested in suid estáte, uf the pendency )f said petition and the hearing t beroof, by rausing a copy of this order to be pubüsht! ia :he Ann Akbok Artjs, a newspaper printetl ind ciroulated in said county tbree succesnive ppeek? previous to said day of hearing. J. WILLARD BABÜITT, (Atrueoopy.) Judge 01 Probate. Wii.liamG. Doty. Probate Hoginter. Mortgage Sale. DEFAI1.T HAVING BEEN MADE IN THE conditions of a certaiu mortgage made ay Hattie Louey and John Loneyof the city 5f Ann Arbor, to the Ann Arbor Savings Assoïiation of Ann Arbor, Michigan, a corporatioir jrganized md doing business under the laws if the State of Michigan, at Ann Arbor, Michigan, dated April flfth, A. D. 1892, md recorded at the office of the Résister of Deeds, for the County of Washtenaw and State 01 Michigan, on the fifth day it April, A. D. 1892, lu liber "8 of mortgages, an page (il, on which mortgage there is claimed to be due at the date of this notice the um of 3ix hundred and si.v dollars and seventy-on 3ents, and au attorney's fee of twenty-five iollars provided for in said mortgage, and mcf sult or proceedings at law having been inatituted to recover the moneys seeured by said mortgage, or any part thereof : Now, tberefore, by virtue of the power of sale contained in said mortgage, and the statute in such case made and provided, notice is hereby given that on Saturday the nlneteenlh day of May, A. D. 1S94, at ten o'clook in the forenoon, I sball aell at public auctipn, to the highest bidder, at the north front door of the Court House in the City of Ann Arbor, (that beingr the place wherc the circuit court for Washtenaw County is holden), the premises described in said mortgage, or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay theamount due on said mortgage, wïth seven per cent interest, and all legal costs, together with an attorney's fee of twenty-flve dollars covenanted for therein, the premisos beíng described in said mortgage as all that certaiH piece and parcel of land situated in the City of Ann Arbor, in the County of Wa6htenaw, and State of Michigan, and known and described as foliows: Lots uumber One (1) and Twelve (12) in block number Four (4) north of Huron street and in range number Two (2) east. THE ANN ARBOR SAVINGS ASSOCIATION, By Chas. H. Klike. Attornev for Mortgagee. STATE OF MICHIGAN. SUIT PENDING In the Circuit Court for Washteuaw County, in Chancery; wheivin Walter S. Hicfcs ís complainant and Lydia Hicks is defendant. Satisfactory proof appearing to this court by affidavit on file that defendant is not a resident of this State, but is a resident of Logansport, Indiana, It is ordered that defendant appear and answer the bill of complaint flled in this cause within four montlis from the date of this order. Dated, Ann Arbor, March U, 1894. E. I). K1NNK, Circuit Judge, Chas. H. Klise, Complainant's Solicitor. Attest: Arthor Brown, Register. Notice of Drain Letting. ÍIOTICEIS HEREBY GIVEN, That I, Daniel ' W. Barry, County Drain Commissioner of the County of Washtenaw, State of Michigan, will, on the 30th day of April, A. D. 1894, at thelowerend of Drain in the township of Augusta, at one o'clock in the afternoon ot' that day, proceed to receive bids for the cieaning out of a certain drain known and de8ignated as "the John Biid Drain," located and establishediu the said township of Augusta, and described as fol'.ows, to-wit : Commencingat a point in PaintCreek,29 3-5rdsN. of S. W. corner of E. J4 of S. W. H. of section 10. town 4. south of Range 7 East and running thence N. 50 2-5 rods, thence N. S55Í degrees, E. 43 rods, thence N. 12 degrees, E. 31 -'5 rods, thence N. 9M degrees, E. 15 3-5 rods. thence N. 34'í desrrees, W. 10 3-5 rods, thenoe N. 26 degrees, W. 151-5 rods, thence N. 35 degrees, W. 29 7-25 rods, thence N. 12 14-25 rod_s, thence N. 45 degrees. W. 2 rods. thence N. 31 2-5 rods, W. : rods, thence N. 6T 7-25 roda, W. 3 8-23 rods, thence N. 2 rods, W. 3-5 rods, thence N. 20 rods, E. 21 3-25 rods, thence N. 18 2-25 rods, E. 21 3-25 rods, thence N. 120 21-25 rods. Total length of drain 55 9-25 rods. Said job will be let by sections . The section at the outlet of the drain will be let flrst, and the remaining sectioflj' in their order up stream, in accordance with the diagram uow onüle with the otherpapersjpertaining tosaid drain, and bids will be made and received aecordingly. Contracts will be made with the lowest responsible bidder giving adequate security for tbe performance of the work in a sum then aud there to be fl.xed by me, reserving to myself the right to reject any and air bids. The date for the completiou of such contract, and the terms of payment therefor. shall be announcedat the time and place f letting. Notice is f urther hereby given. That at the time and place of said letting, or at such other time and place thereafter to which I, the Drain Oommissioner aforebaid, may adjourn the same, the assessments tor benents and the lands eomprised within the "Johu Bird Drain Special Assessment District," will be subject to review. The tollowing ís a description of the several traots or parnels of land constitutiiig the Special Assessment District of said drain, viz: E W of S W i of S W Ü of Sec. Í0: W '. of E % of S W h. Sec. 1B; E V, of N. V !á Sec. 10; N part of W y. of N W Sec. 10; S W Ü of 8 W Si Sec. 3;"N W lA of S W H ec. 3; E ü ot S VI Sec. 3; E '4 of E V, of S W of Sec. 10; S. % of W '. of N W ü Sec. 10; N W of S W % Sec. 10: S W U of Ñ W 4 Sec. 3: and also the Township of Augusta at large. Dated, this tenthday of April, A. D. 1894. Daniel W. Barry, County Drain Comniissioner of the County of Washtenaw. IMPORTANT TO ADVERTISEKS. The cream of the country papers is foond in Kemington's County Seat Lista. Shrewd advertisers avail themselves of these liste, a copy of which can be had of Bemingto Bros., of New Tork & Pittsburu.


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