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Knight On The Stand

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Saginaw. April 18. - Promptly at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon the trial of Newell B. Parsons was resumed. Fred Knight was placed upon the stand and liis cross-examinationcominenced. Said that he had formerly resided in Sagiuaw and worked for D. Hardin & Coinpany. Was now with Houseman, Donnelly & Jones of Grand Rapids. He carne here in February of his own accord to see Parsons, and requested that in oase of his death he would look after his inaurance and see that his mother received her rights. He carne on Saturday and returned Monday, staying at Parsons' house. This visit was about Feb. 25. He knew, because he could teil on what date his handwritinK ended on the cash book. Miss Marie Fallón was his assistant. Pargons said something about sending a package- did not know th contenta when he received it, but did not suppose it to be a package of shirts. Upon receiving the packages sent by Parsons he took thern to the Michigan Trust company and placed them in a vault, paying $30 for the rent of a box. Did not know the contents of the packages until the following Tuesday, when he examined theui in the presence of other parties. When Parsons made the remark to him and a friend Saturday - "Ne ver mind, boys, hang on to the end of the rope. If anybody asks you anything about me just teil them I made 10,000 since yesterday noon" - he supposed Paraons meant he intended to bring sujtagainst the company for having detained hira in pólice custody over night on Friday. Up to this time he did not connect Parsons arrest with the package, which had been sent him, but that night when he returned to Grand Rapids, he did, and when Sunday night a dispatch was shown him announcing the seoond arrest of Parsons he took the dispatch and showed it to Mr. Donnelly and John E. Moore, an attorney. On Monday he talked with Mr. Fitzgerald, an attorney. Lawyer Moore came to Saginaw and informed the Wells-Stone people about the express package in Monroe. Norman Doughty is his roommate and he had worked for Wells. Stone & Company, but he did not know how he carue to leave thern. He also knew about the package. V. D. Knowlton, manager of the A. W. Wright Luinber coinpany, knew that the bonds were kept in a tin box in the vault of Wells, Stone & Company. Thfir number ran f rom 1098 to 1502 and 162 i to 1680 inclusive. He had a memorándum of the number of each bond. A. W. Wright, president of Wells, Stoue & Company, said that the}' owned 463 Cincinnati. Saginaw & Mackinaw SI, 000 bonds. but did not know the serial nuinbers. Each bond was signed by him. He had never authorized their removal from the office. He had no memorandum of the numbers of the bonds. Q. M. Stark. one of the attorneys for Wells, Stone & Company, testifled that he went to Grand Rapids to look after the stolen bonds. Mr. Donnelly handed him a sealed envelope containing two keys to the safety deposit vault. He, in company with Mr. Donnelly, Mr. Doughty, Mr. Knight, Attorney' Moore and President A. W. Wright, went to the Michigan Trust company's office, where the box was unlocked and the contenta examined. It proved to contain 463 Chicago, Saginaw and Mackinaw bonds, to each of which were attached 50 coupons. This closed the testimony for the state, and the case was adjourned until Saturday at 2 o'clock.


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